Now that you know what makes each video style unique and popular, how do you choose which one best suits your project? Here are some general rules regarding the differences between each video form and how they would explain your idea.

A whiteboard animation video is best suited for any presentation where the information being presented is especially important. If you’re introducing a new project, initiative, or summarizing a key idea, a whiteboard video will allow you to go more in-depth. The simple hand-drawn diagrams, motion graphics, and narration will ensure your audience absorbs the information on the screen. The budget-friendly nature of the medium will also let you expand further on your topic without spending more.

Each viewer will be able to retain more information so if said information is particularly important, a whiteboard video from e-learning agency will help you heighten understanding while lowering costs. As a result, whiteboard animations are especially useful for training purposes within your own company, where marketing is not a concern.

Animation videos are more feasible if you can sacrifice a little extra from your budget for the sake of production. Do you want your audience to remember the name and message of your company, more so than the information in the video? If that’s the case, then an animation video will help you better connect with your potential market. The medium of animation lends itself to shorter, snappier videos with interesting and memorable images, creating opportunities to emphasize your company brand.

If you’re really looking to make an impression on your viewership, an animation video will help them remember your name and learn who you are. As a result, animated videos make for more effective commercials where production is focused on marketing and branding rather than educating.

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