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How did Haldiram Build a 5000cr business empire? : Business case study
Case Study

How did Haldiram Build a 5000cr business empire? : Business case study

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Video Introduction:
Haldiram is one of the most iconic brands in Indian BUSINESS History! while most are taught about the american icons like Dominos and Mcdonald’s very few of us know about the world class business strategies deployed by the home grown brands of India! Haldiram is one such brand that started as a small sweet shop in Bikaner but today it has expanded its presence in more than 80 countries, employees more than 1500 people and in FY 19 alone Haldiram generated a sales revenue of 1 billion dollars! The question, while we 1000s of sweet shops every day, what exactly was special about haldiram and they were able to build a billion dollar out of it, what was exactly was their business strategy and as students of business what are the lessons that we need to learn from this iconic brand!
This is a story that dates back to 1919, when Haldiram was just 11 years! He worked at his grandfather’s bhujia shop and being a marwadi he soon enough started finding ways to make money for his family! and back then Bhujia in Bikaner was an extremely commoditised product! Which means what, since there were 100s of bhujia shops in Bikaner there was hardly any difference between their products! Therefore the competition was solely based on price and not quality!
During this time, Haldiram would take up odd jobs such as chopping, cleaning the kitchen etc and gradually began to take interest in the bhujia- making process.

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Study material
Bhujia Barons: The Untold Story of How Haldiram Built a 5000 Crore Empire

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