From a small shop in Bikaner to a $1 Billion revenue in 2019.

The story of – Haldiram’s.

One of the most recognizable brands in Indian business history is Haldiram! Few of us are aware of the world-class business techniques used by India’s indigenous businesses, despite the fact that most of us are educated about American icons like Domino’s and McDonald’s. One such company is Haldiram, which began as a modest sweet shop in Bikaner but has since grown to operate in over 80 countries, employ more than 1500 people, and brought in $1 billion in sales in just FY 19! While there are thousands of candy stores open every day, why was Haldiram different enough to earn a billion dollars? What was their business plan, and how did it work?

Also, some information in this video was cited from Palak Zatakia’s Twitter thread.
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