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Published : February 14, 2023

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The human resources department enhances each employee’s working environment and productivity. Due to their diverse responsibilities, one way to ensure the workload is manageable is to streamline the HR process from beginning to end.

HR management excel template help businesses increase efficiency by documenting individual activities and onboarding new employees.

Using excel HR templates, you have countless options for what you can achieve. If you want to improve your employee details and department’s daily workload, the HR excel templates can significantly help. 

Let’s understand more about HR excel templates. We’ve also churned out the 15 best HR excel sheet templates for you.

What are HR Excel Templates?

The HR department of an organization uses human resources templates to manage and recruit staff. The free templates are the best headache reliever for the HR division. HR excel templates can collect employee data, employment verification, work satisfaction, cv submissions, job applications, and time-off requests.

Importance of HR Excel Templates

Excel HR templates will assist your business in upholding the standards for all the documents you’ll employ for specialized functions.

The materials submitted by applicants, workers, and other users collaborating with the company’s HR department will have a brand attached once your company develops HR excel templates for free.

HR excel templates can be modified annually or at any period, which helps expedite the process. Hiring managers and team members can easily identify the necessary records at specific time points.

Your HR department can focus on obtaining relevant details about each transaction using human resource metrics for free. Every communication can be made more accessible and simple with a template that employees can use to figure out what they have to do with HR dashboard. 

Instead of concentrating on the structure and substance of their resume or biography, applicants can focus on the specific demands and criteria of the organization while using HR excel templates.

The free HR software in excel is of great importance as it makes some of the following tasks easier:

  • Creation of benefits and compensation document
  • Measure performance
  • Obtain training and development
  • Start with job profiles
  • Set company culture
  • Streamline documents revision
  • Fair understanding of employees’ time off
  • Develop an excellent business staffing plan
  • Establish a salary structure
  • Use profiles to design a hierarchical company structure

Top 15 HR Templates for Free Download

The following is an extensive list of the top HR excel templates so that the HR team can keep pace with routine tasks without compromising on the quality of the reports. There’s no need to worry if you’re a small organization or startup on budget constraints. All these are excel for HR download templates for free download.

1. Job Description Template

Job hunting has always been difficult, even for skilled candidates, but writing a clear, crisp job description is not a piece of cake either. The HR team should post a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand job description to find the best candidate. To churn out something like this, HR must thoroughly understand the role of posting well-designed job descriptions on popular job portals.

The job description template can be customized and is a reusable model. It defines the responsibilities, obligations, tasks, and skills needed to carry out a role. It often contains a description of daily responsibilities, the tools or equipment utilized, the person to whom the function reports, and the role’s overarching objectives.

With a good job description template, you can ease the process of delivering exemplary job descriptions. This template will also help you include details on the business name, designation, job location, key skills, required qualifications, and more.

Job Description Template

2. Pre-screening Templates

The pre-screening phase is right after you have posted a job description, which attracts a pool of resumes. Selecting the right candidate to move forward can become overwhelming during this period. Before bringing prospects in for an interview, as a recruiter, you may gather their resumes and qualifications using this free pre-screening template on your website.

The next step is to determine which candidate to call for an interview for the interview rounds.

This pre-screening template helps you to solve the biggest dilemma of choosing the correct candidate out of numerous applicants. It provides you with all the processes needed for a near-perfect pre-screening process.

You can even contact applicants who fail the pre-screening quiz by emailing them or posting the form on your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Utilize your free pre-screening template to efficiently and accurately evaluate prospects before scheduling interviews, saving you time and money.

Pre screening Templates

3. Employee Background Check Template

You have a good candidate who fits the profile and is ready to hire that professional into your organization. Now, it’s time to confirm all the facts and figures stated in their resume and during the interviews.

Employee background checks will always be an essential part of the hiring process because a bad hire can harm an organization’s reputation in front of the clients if the candidate joins the job with fake documents.

Therefore, HR departments need to know the employees’ track records before onboarding them.

By conducting a proper employee management system background check, you will know what to ask and document while completing the hiring process.

Candidates that go through the company’s hiring procedure are subject to the background check policy for employees. It might also apply to internal applicants for a transfer or promotion.

The free excel sheet for the HR department will help you understand the documents required and the documentation process.

Employee Background Check Template

4. Recruitment Template

HR management defines recruiting as locating, identifying, short-listing, interviewing, and choosing qualified individuals for particular employment opportunities. 

Developing human capital to achieve the organization’s overarching objectives is crucial. The entire recruitment process often adheres to a budget and schedule, from sourcing applicants to onboarding them. Recruiting software is often used by recruiters to speed up the system.

Organizations must follow a different process to complete their recruitment procedure. Every company has additional requirements based on the job profile.

Organizations have a hiring procedure that must be followed to screen candidates adequately. We must include all steps to guarantee a smooth outcome. The ideal option for hassle-free creation is to use a free template. 

As an HR, you must learn how to advertise jobs and conduct interviews after completing the induction round.

5. Employee Training Plan Template

Many businesses find creating an organized and effective training procedure from scratch challenging. Companies can begin developing scalable and effective training programs by using prebuilt HR excel templates and checklists as a starting point for the new hires. 

An employee training plan clearly explains what must occur to fulfill the established training needs. Here are some essential components that employee training plan templates must include:

  • Improving employee performance
  • Upskilling employees
  • Filling knowledge gaps
  • Ensuring employee retention
  • Improving succession planning

With the HR excel template, you can plan, schedule, and gain insight into all relevant recruit tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient ramp-up time for all new employees. You can also include information on activity status, management, peer input, and required resources to make the entire process simpler and more fruitful for everyone involved.

Employee Training Plan Template

6. Performance Review Template

Every organization needs to carry out a performance review for conducting appraisals. This process is essential to understand whether the employees are completing their key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively or not. A performance review is also needed to determine how to improve current results on their way to progress.

The performance review presents a chance to examine goals and objectives. You can use this template to identify areas that need work and promote employee development.

The performance evaluation process is essential to increasing productivity across the board for the business, including HR employees. Even if they are experts in this assessment process, they must take a moment to evaluate their performance and contributions to the HR department’s success.

A performance evaluation template is necessary to streamline the procedure and guarantee accuracy. Using the template, the human resources department can now evaluate their performance using a well-structured template, identify development priorities, and get insightful feedback.

Moreover, there are templates that can track customers’ satisfaction levels using the net promoter score.

Performance Review Template

7. Employee Suggestion Maintenance Template

A strong pillar that translates into a progressive workplace is pleasant employee relations. Sometimes, an employee wants to forward grievances, suggestions, or comments to the HR or senior.

An employee suggestion initiative can motivate staff to provide recommendations for enhancing the company, such as the working environment or product innovation. With this template, you can record all employee problems and solve their issues promptly.

Use this sample employee suggestion template to allow your workforce to directly address concerns harming your company’s productivity with senior management. The employee suggestion maintenance template will reduce the information gap between field employees, general staff, and high-level executives.

However, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Let your intentions be known
  • Give examples as a guide
  • Require a proposed solution for each idea
  • Request nominations for implementation leaders
  • Don’t accept anonymity
  • Provide your feedback
  • List clear instructions

Employee Suggestion Maintenance Template

8. Employee Termination Template

There are particular necessities that an employee has to fulfill before leaving the current organization to join another company. 

An employee is informed by termination email that they will lose their current job. This email outlines the employee’s involuntary departure causes, the procedures they must take going forward, and any perks or pays they will receive.

Termination letters and emails are essential for business purposes as they keep your company’s reputation positive, demonstrate professionalism, and serve as a record of events for legal purposes.

It’s always complex to write a letter of termination for a worker; you need to be diplomatic and clear. To do it right, you can use the excel termination letter template. The template will guide you through the essential processes for correct and legal employee termination processes.

Employee Termination Template

9. Employee Evaluation Template

Employers use a performance evaluation template to assess employee performance and monitor advancement.

The assessment and review of a worker’s job performance are known as employee evaluation. Most businesses hold performance reviews at predetermined intervals (usually once or twice a year).

You will need to create employee evaluation forms whether you provide and receive employee input by email, paper, or one-on-one conversation. The format and content of the excel sheet for HR department may differ significantly depending on your specific circumstances and goals.

Tracking individual and team progress and documenting employee goals is essential to give employees the most accurate performance evaluation. To keep the growth momentum going, maintain open communication between employees and managers and set company and personal development goals.

Employee Evaluation Template

10. Employee Attendance Tracker Template

With the help of this staff attendance tracker template, you can keep track of attendance, record paid time off and vacations, and manage sick days. This tracker evaluates staff performance during yearly reviews and learns more about their running attendance records.

Employee attendance tracking is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. However, you may increase your productivity by utilizing templates that are configurable and created just for this task. The employee attendance tracker template also helps keep track of the employee overtime hours.

The following are the critical components of our free employee attendance tracking system:

  • works with programmable employee lists and attendance types
  • including working days, part-time hours, holidays, vacations, sick days, and absences
  • compact calendar
  • Adaptable leave categories
  • It is simple to visualize the situations of the added personnel

Employee Attendance Tracker Template

11. Employee Timesheet Template

The employee timesheet HR excel template is the right choice to make the payroll process easier. You can develop a more standardized, technical method for tracking employee timesheets on a weekly, bimonthly, and monthly basis. To automatically calculate and track each employee’s time and tasks and to determine overall totals using prebuilt formulae, you need a timesheet for each person.

The human resources division of a company is in charge of keeping track of HR timesheets. They record the total number of hours a worker has worked over a specific period. This record is used by HR to calculate payroll. 

The timesheet provides all the information, including the start and end timings and the number of early arrivals and late departures. The HR timesheet template is expertly developed for such precision.

Employee Timesheet Template

12. Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employers need to find out how their employees genuinely feel about their jobs because they are the foundation of every successful firm. You will receive the feedback you need to make modifications to keep employees satisfied from the employee survey on topics like overall engagement and motivation for career advancement.

With the help of the employee engagement survey template, you can ask team members about their enthusiasm and job satisfaction. Are they content with their remuneration? Are they satisfied with the overall security of their employment?

Do they appreciate the office environment and feel that it supports the objectives of their company? To draw in excellent job candidates and learn how to motivate your staff to perform at their highest level, ask these additional questions. You can even alter this survey and include inquiries relevant to your organization.

The template’s built-in form view automatically adds any new feedback to the responses sheet. You can dynamically update charts as new data comes in, allowing you to view real-time insights regarding your employee engagement whenever you want.

Employee Engagement Survey Template

13. Transition Plan Template

Nothing is more harmful to a company than a good employee placed in the incorrect role or vice versa. Because of this, it is in the organization’s best interest to reduce mismatches and manage the move with a thorough personnel transition strategy. Putting a plan in place involves more than just the financial results. It consists in evaluating and overseeing relationships on all fronts.

The transition plan template must include the following parts:

  1. Key responsibilities and duties
  2. Project status
  3. Standalone deadlines
  4. Crucial contacts

With the help of this extensive template, you can lessen the amount of information lost while moving individuals from one function to another. To start new employees on the right foot, ensure the training session is fluid and that all specifics of the position are appropriately covered. Enter tasks, objectives, presumptions, start and end dates, etc.

Transition Plan Template

14. Employee Work Schedule

Maintain daily and weekly records of employee schedules to ensure you always have the appropriate level of coverage. With the help of this comprehensive work schedule planner templates, you can compile all plans in one place and give managers and superiors a quick overview.

Though developing an employee schedule may seem challenging, there’s no reason to fret. The procedure of manually making employee schedules is simple. Using an employee schedule template, you can use a preexisting framework to streamline duties, hours, and objectives. The planning sheet you employ must determine what will best meet your demands. 

Every kind of employee schedule template has distinct benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the suitable template depends on the facts you must communicate with management and convey to the workforce.

Selecting a suitable schedule template can save time and reduce uncertainty by letting all know what to expect.

Employee Work Schedule

15. Vacation Schedule Template 

To ensure you always have adequate coverage and your firm remains productive, keep track of employee vacation schedules. Keep track of every employee’s schedule by taking note of the overall amount of time off, date changes, and information on how to contact them while they are away.

This Excel template was created to make evaluating the team members’ coverage easier in a given month. Knowing the daily employee coverage is crucial for team managers and leaders, especially during the festive season. 

Team leads and managers can use this excel template each month to make sure you are aware of your exact coverage and make plans accordingly.


With the right templates, productivity will increase at your workplace. You can also seamlessly streamline all your HR management operations.

Since HR processes are often complicated to process, a small mistake can impact the entire company.  Hence, you must use good templates to keep your operations running effectively. All these excel templates are easy to edit and customizable as per your organization’s requirements.

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