Accounting software assists accountants and bookkeepers in recording and reporting a firm’s financial transactions.

Accounting software considers financial transactions, including expense management, fixed asset management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and revenue management. 

Owing to its many benefits, the  accounting software market size is estimated to reach $70.2 billion by 2030 , growing at a CAGR of 19.6% from 2021 to 2030.

The need for accounting software isn’t similar for every firm. For example, some may need online, while some firms may need desktop accounting software. 

While some firms may need customizing, complex accounting software, other small business firms may need generic off-the-shelf accounting software. 

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Accounting software for Mac provides numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. It helps to streamline financial processes, save time, and improve accuracy by automating tasks like invoicing and expense tracking. With features like cloud-based storage and real-time reporting, Mac accounting software provides easy access to financial data from anywhere, at any time. Generating reports and forecasts helps businesses make informed decisions about their financial future. Investing in accounting software for Mac can significantly improve the financial health and success of a business


Today, we’ll look into some of the best accounting software for Mac operating systems. So, Mac users, brace yourselves for some of the best options!

What Are The Key Features To Look For In Accounting Software For Mac?

You cannot just get accounting software for Mac out of preference. Understanding which solutions are offered on the market, what they give, and how they connect to your business demands is the basis for choosing the proper features and the ideal accounting software for your organization.

Key Features to Look for in Accounting Software for Mac

Here are some accounting software features that will play a crucial role while you look for excellent accounting software for Apple. 

1. Safeguard Sensitive Information

Sensitive data, like financial information, should never get into the wrong hands. You must always go with accounting software with comprehensive and reliable security features. Ensure to focus on making purchases from reputable merchants with a solid reputation in the market.

Moreover, companies must seek user-based access features because they are reliable security. It implies that without a permit, the program can only be accessible to you and the members of your finance team. 

Additionally, the team will only have access to what they need to do their jobs. In a nutshell, the individual in charge of managing payroll will only have the knowledge required for payroll.

2. Easy To Use

Modern software for accounting must be made as user-friendly as possible. Even so, it’s crucial to carefully examine the software’s user interface to see if it is simple enough for your team members to use—even those who aren’t tech- or accounting-savvy.

Additionally, the software you choose must be highly functional and flexible. Companies must select multi-dimensional reporting capabilities so that the team can create reports tailored to your business’s requirements and goals.

3. Identify Mistakes

Your company can benefit from increased accuracy and productivity with effective accounting solutions. Errors can become minimal if we cannot eliminate them.

The software you select must include dynamic features that check for faults automatically. For instance, the system must be able to recognize a purchase for an item no longer in stock and immediately send a warning. Users can also look for attributes like automatic estimation, crucial in avoiding user error.

4. Connect With Stakeholders 

Your business needs accounting software that facilitates communication between your financial team and all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, banks, and other third parties.

 Proper accounting software for Mac users must keep track of payments and due dates with suppliers and customers and record and check accounts, bank statements, and balances.

5. Integrate Inventory Management With Billing And Invoicing 

Almost all accounting systems have billing, invoicing, and inventory management as core capabilities. The time it takes to move or migrate data from one system to another can be significantly reduced if these fundamental elements are combined into one system.

How Did We Evaluate Accounting Software For Mac?

Our team reviewed the top-friendly accounting software for Mac and gathered information to narrow down to fifteen choices. Pricing, essential features, user reviews, and pros and cons were among the four categories into which the data was divided.

How Do We Evaluate Accounting Software for Mac

The categories we used to rank the service providers at the top are listed below:

Although our reviews cover a range of features that appeal to small businesses, we concentrated on a few that were crucial for them to have, such as bookkeeping, time tracking and payroll services, access to a customer portal, and user-friendly mobile apps. Then, we examined extra or distinctive features that accountants and bookkeepers might find helpful if incorporated into any considered offered as an add-on. 

The initial cost of accounting software for Mac was the most crucial element we considered when comparing. When compared to compe more than that we deemed to be cheap or moderate performed than that which we deemed expensive. 

The price range between the supplier’s various plan tiers was then examined. We also considered whether a software provider offered a free version or trial. 

The options for Mac accounting software are available with practical benefits that have facilitated efficient workflow in various firms. We’ve outlined the downsides based on real consumer reviews to help you find the best provider for your needs.

Our team of experts considered all the criteria before weighing the benefits and drawbacks of cost, usability, unique features, and recognition. 

Top 15 Accounting Software for Mac Operating Systems

The top Mac accounting applications are not merely updated PC programs. It must be made with Mac users in mind when developing it. If you’re an Apple user, all you want is fantastic software. 

Let’s look at some of the best accounting software options for Mac users.

1. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooksOnline Logo

QuickBooks Online

31 Reviews


QuickBooks Online is among the best accounting software for Mac, well known for its ease of use, flexibility, and unique features. It is a web-based accounting solution catering to individual accountants and small businesses.

QuickBooks Online users get assisted bookkeeping options. Users can get help with classifying transactions and fixing records.

QuickBooks Online version is among the best small business accounting software for Mac owing to its project and location tracking.

Features of Quickbooks Online

  • Numerous integrations for seamless workflow
  • Tools for personal and business expense tracking
  • Customizable reports for ease of use
  • Integrated QuickBooks payroll for simple billing
  • Mobile app with the ability to capture receipts and track mileage


Quickbooks Online has four pricing plans:

  • Simple- $15/month
  • Essentials- $27.50/month
  • Plus- $42.50/month
  • Advanced- $100/month
  • Free trial available 

Pros and Cons

2. QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is an all-inclusive accounting software for Mac that has an accessible user interface. It is a desktop accounting software for Mac that allows users to track expenses, process payroll, monitor cash flow, automate spending, create custom invoices, sync credit cards and bank accounts, and more.

QuickBooks Desktop Mac has many features that enhance productivity. For PC users and large and small businesses who prefer desktop software, QuickBooks Desktop is the best accounting software for Mac.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Inventory tracking to identify the right amount of stock
  • Bank reconciliation to identify mistakes and track fraudulent activities
  • Accounts payable for improved productivity
  • Recurring invoicing to increase payment compliance
  • Multi-currency to maintain records through a single point of reference


QuickBooks Desktop has four pricing plans:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise- $1269/year
  • QuickBooks Online Plus- $42.50/month
  • QuickBooks Online Plus+Online Core- $65/month
  • QuickBooks Online Plus+Online Premium- $80/month
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

3. ZOHO Books

Zoho Books Logo


ZOHO Books is a small business accounting software for Mac that manages back-office operations and automates your accounting workflow. 

Small business owners can create profit and loss statements to measure the financial health of their organization.  ZOHO Books is an accounting software for Mac users that helps users send customers invoices and account statements and offer estimates. 

ZOHO Books also has an app for the Apple watch, making it convenient and user-friendly! 

Features of ZOHO Books

  • Inventory management to improve visibility and business planning 
  • Financial data management for real-time updates and easy integration 
  • Account reconciliation to secure bill deposits
  • Banking integration to monitor the cash flow in real-time
  • Automated follow-ups for delayed payments


ZOHO Books has five pricing plans:

  • Standard- $20/month
  • Professional- $50/month
  • Premium-$70/month
  • Elite- $150/month
  • Ultimate-$275/month
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks Logo


FreshBooks allows small business owners to create professional invoices. It is one of the best accounting software for Mac to create recurring and send professional invoices on your web-based or mobile app. Users can also select their preferred currency.

It is a small business accounting software for Mac that is designed for freelancers and small business owners. FreshBooks creates value for customers by saving time and money.

Features of FreshBooks

  • ACH payment processing to improve cash flow forecasting
  • Project management to set well-defined goals
  • Contact data to enhance customer relationships
  • Performance metrics to help make decisions
  • Timesheet management to automate billing processes


FreshBooks offer four pricing plans:

  • Lite- $8.50/month
  • Plus-$15/month
  • Premium-$27.50/month
  • Select- Custom pricing
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

5. Wave

WaveAccounting Logo


Wave accounting offers basic accounting features, including expense tracking, a chart of accounting, estimates, and built-in landing for qualified buyers.

Buyers can also create journal entries. Wave is a desktop accounting software for Mac that offers a completely free version of the accounting software until you use it to run payroll services or accept payments. 

Wave is one of the most intuitive, user-friendly accounting software available.

Features of Wave

  • Invoice and transaction management to save processing costs
  • Integrated payroll for tax service states
  • Multi-currency support for better supplier relations
  • Cash flow management to prevent blocking cash in tangible assets
  • Spend management to get visibility into expense data


Wave has multiple pricing plans:

  • Payroll Tax Service States- $40/month 
  • Payroll Self Service States- $20/month 
  • Advisors +Bookkeeping Support- $149/month
  • Advisors+ Accounting and Payroll Coaching- $379/one-time payment
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

6. Xero

XeroAccounting Logo


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software solution for Apple products. Xero’s mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and apple watch users to manage their business finances on the go!

For Mac and MacBook Pro users, Xero is a good option because their web-based option is cross-platform compatible to enhance the use of sharing data and avoid workarounds.

It is, in fact, one of the best accounting software for Apple.

Features of Xero

  • 401 (k) tracking to learn about tax credits and exclusions
  • Bank reconciliations to identify fraudulent transactions
  • Financial reporting to improve business partner relationships
  • Client management to boost revenue and improve productivity
  • Dunning management to recover failed payments 


Xero offers three pricing plans:

  • Early- $13/month
  • Growing- $37/month
  • Established- $70/month
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

7. ZipBooks

ZipbooksAccounting Logo


Zipbooks is web-based free accounting software for Mac that proficiently caters to all accounting processes and needs. This best business accounting software provides small business owners with all the high-end bookkeeping features at reasonable pricing.

Zipbooks is one of the best options for small businesses, providing integrated time tracking and assisted bookkeeping options. It has an extremely easy-to-use interface and can handle unlimited transactions. 

Features of ZipBooks

  • Expense tracking to identify necessary expenses
  • Recurrent billing to reduce late payments
  • Bank reconciliation to detect payment errors
  • Vendor management to decrease requisition cycle time 
  • Accrual accounting for better insights into profitability


ZipBooks has four pricing plans:

  • Starter- Free
  • Smarter-$15/month
  • Sophisticated-$35/month
  • Accountant- Custom pricing
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

8. Sleek Bill

Sleekbill Logo


Sleek Bill is a desktop accounting software for Mac and one of the fastest billing solutions for freelancers and small businesses. SleekBill is also a good choice for medium-sized businesses.

With Sleek Bill, unlimited users can create personalized invoices, format and print them, and handle financial reports and necessary calculations. The sleek bill software also has excellent features for customer relationship management. Sleek Bill offers the best user experience for billing needs. 

Features of Sleek Bill

  • Online invoicing to reduce input errors
  • Contact database to provide improved customer insights 
  • Project billing to deliver buoyant cash flow
  • Hourly billing for accurate payments 
  • Tax calculation for an estimate of tax payable and tax income


Sleek Bill offers two pricing plans:

  • Premium Business- $24.42/year
  • Free version available
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

9. Express Accounts

ExpressAccounts Logo

Express Accounts

1 Reviews


Express Accounts is an automated accounting software for Mac that administers stock purchase orders and fulfills sales orders.

It is one of the best options for small businesses that must report and document sales, receipts, incoming and outgoing cash flow, purchases, and payments.

Users can streamline their financial data with a real-time view of balance sheets and reports. 

Express Accounts can help businesses streamline inventory management and make business operations more systematic. 

Features of Express Accounts 

  • Generate profit and loss statements 
  • Streamline cash flow with multi-currency support 
  • Track payments and deposit transactions
  • Report and document incoming and outgoing bank transactions
  • Automatic billing to reduce inaccuracies


Express Accounts offers three pricing plan:

  • Express Accounts Plus Quarterly Plan- $7.72/month 
  • Express Accounts Basic- $69.95
  • Express Accounts Plus- $99

Pros and Cons

10. Manager

ManagerAccounting Logo


Manager is one of the best accounting software for Mac operating systems for small businesses. It has a free version and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. 

The Manager software is available in 70+ languages and is constantly improved and updated. In addition, Manager accounting software offers data transfer across also versions of managers. This accounting software for Mac also updates and fixes bugs, eventually enhancing the user experience.

Features of Manager

  • Accounting management to maximize profitability
  • Fixed asset management to increase asset visibility 
  • Expense tracking to track transaction limit
  • Accounts payable for recognizable cost savings
  • Bank reconciliation to keep accurate records


Manager offers one pricing option:

  • Cloud Edition- $47.62/ month
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

11. MarginEdge

MarginEdge is a cloud-based invoicing platform designed specifically for restaurants. The accounting software for Mac seamlessly integrates into the organization’s current software stack by offering point-of-sale (POS) and accounting connections with 45 of the most popular software products. MarginEdge offers solid features for live financial and cost-tracking, stock and recipe management, online purchasing, and restaurants of all sizes that can streamline crucial tasks like invoice filing and vendor bill payment. 

Features of MarginEdge

  • Real-time analytics to speed up business decisions 
  • Stock management to improve productivity 
  • Sales trend analysis to forecast future sales based on current data
  • Performance metrics to streamline the strategy and direction of the organization
  • Cost tracking to make financial processes easier.


MarginEdge offers two pricing options:

  • $10/day if paid annually
  •  $300/month if paid annually

Pros and Cons

12. Sage

Sage Logo


Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a  small business accounting software for Mac, including core accounting, project accounting, cost control, and compliance management.  Users can keep track of their cash flow and upcoming payments because all the information is accessible in a single dashboard. Tax management uses transaction data to determine any necessary taxes. Sage software also includes cash flow forecasting, which enables customers to predict future cash needs based on past transactions.

Features of Sage

  • Data visualization to increase sales and productivity 
  • Predictive analytics to reduce risks and optimize processes
  • Vendor management to improve management and decrease costs 
  • Expense tracking to make financial planning easier
  • Compliance management to assess risk in multiple areas


Sage offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro Accounting- $346/year
  • Premium Accounting- $554.40/year
  • Quantum Accounting- $919.80/year
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

13. Kashoo

Kashoo Logo


Kashoo is an efficient, fully customizable, user-friendly cloud accounting solution for small to mid-sized enterprises. It is a small business accounting software for Mac that allows small business owners to manage their operations from any location, anytime, and using any device. 

Kashoo is a collaborative tool for owners of companies and accounting experts because it has many users and role-based permissions. It’s an excellent replacement for complex accounting packages that could be inappropriate for your type of company. 

Features of Kashoo

  • Invoice management for improved cash flow transparency
  • Expense tracking to identify problem areas and make a better budget
  • Invoice history for improving bookkeeping records
  • Real-time data for increased business agility
  • API to consume and access data services from multiple independent sources


Kashoo offers two pricing options:

  • Monthly- $30/month
  • Annual- $2 
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

14. Netsuite

OracleNetSuite Logo


Netsuite is among the best accounting software for MAC that automates key business processes and provides real-time visibility into financial and operational results. The software assists more than 34,000 organizations in running more efficiently. Netsuite enables businesses to complete data visibility and operational control with a single, integrated suite of apps to handle accounting, order fulfillment, inventory control, production, supply chain, and warehousing operations. 

Features of Netsuite

  • Ad hoc analysis to reduce IT workload and ensure flexibility
  • Campaign management for coordinated marketing campaigns
  • Channel management for data-driven decisions
  • Dashboard management to save resources and time


  • Please connect with the vendor for pricing
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

15. Neat

The Neat Company has revolutionized how entrepreneurs and independent businesses organize their financial records, handle laborious and paper-intensive bookkeeping, and accept client payments. 

Neat is an accounting software for Apple that helps organize small businesses’ finances. Firms can track, manage, and centralize their financial data with the aid of Neat. The desktop accounting software for Mac eliminates the guesswork connected with spreadsheets, handwritten notes, and manual invoices.

Features of Neat

  • Document storage for improved regulatory compliance
  • Spend management for faster procurement operations
  • Credit card processing to improve cash flow
  • Vendor management to improve transparency and automate processes
  • Expense tracking to identify transaction limits


Neat offers three pricing options:

  • Neat- $200/year
  • VIP Service- Neat + $50/year
  • Automated Insights- Neat+ $150/year
  • Free trial available

Pros and Cons

What’s your Choice of Accounting Software for Mac?

Accounting software is an invaluable asset for modern businesses. But unfortunately, finding accounting software for Mac users isn’t that simple. But we have made it effortless for you!

You will get multiple options if you are open to online accounting software. In addition, some of them can be customized for many Mac users. 

While we’ve talked about QuickBooks desktops for Mac, there are cloud-based solutions like ZOHO Books, FreshBooks, and Xero, with many features specifically designed for Mac users. 

But, the best accounting software for Mac will always be the one that will be beneficial in terms of features and rates for your large enterprises, mid-sized or small businesses.


Accounting software providers can automate accounting and finance tasks to enhance bottom-line results. You can manage payments, set up payment reminders, purchase order management, track employees’ productivity, export data, create reports, pay employees, make online payments, track time, and do many other things with accounting software. We have churned out the top 15 accounting software for Mac operating systems to help businesses boost operational efficiency.

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