Ever wondered why certain colors dominate fast-food logos? Or why restaurants use specific scents to entice your appetite?

Join me, JT Tapias, as we unravel the hidden truths behind food marketing in our latest episode – ‘The Hidden Truth Behind Food Marketing: How Colors, Smells, and Ambience Influence Our Food Decisions.’

We dive into the psychology of colors, the power of scents, and the carefully curated ambience that impacts our dining choices.

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An Idol Called Food is a thought-provoking podcast that explores the complex relationship between food addiction and spirituality.

Join us as we delve into the profound impact that food can have on our lives, examining how food can go from nourishing and and necessary for survival to over indulging, and it becoming an idol to momentarily quench the friction and adversities of life.

Through insightful discussions and personal stories and interviews, we aim to challenge societal norms and provide a fresh perspective on the role of food in our faith journey.

Discover the biblical teachings, practical insights, and transformative practices that can help us put food in its proper place and prioritize our spiritual well-being. If you’re ready to conquer the idol of food and experience freedom in your relationship with nourishment, this podcast is for you.

💪 About The Coach:
Coach JT Tapias is the founder of the Empty Your Bucket Plan. He is a nutrition and fitness coach, who owned and operated gyms for 23 years. He has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals in a healthy, SUSTAINABLE way.

With the outbreak of online training, there are WAY too many fad diets on the MARKET, and WAY too many online “Trainers” spreading ineffective, unhealthy “weight loss plans”, to the detriment of people who need help gaining control of their health and fitness.

JT created the Empty Your Bucket Plan and has watched it transform the bodies and lives of countless people. More people needed this plan than he could reach in person, so JT decided to bring this transformational program to YOU from the comfort of your home.

As a former professional athlete and lifelong Weight loss and Mind set expert, he has the experience, skills, and training to provide a premier coaching service to you with the convenience of an online platform.

JT says: “If you’re ready in your heart of hearts, and you’re coachable, you are fertile ground for massive SUCCESS!”.

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