🎙️ Ready to amplify your brand, not just save it? This is the episode you’ve been waiting for! Carolyn Walker, CEO & Managing Partner of Response, joins us on the “Jonny Ross Fractional CMO” podcast to dive deep into the universe of brand building. 🚀

👉 What You’ll Discover:

– Why performance marketing alone isn’t enough
– The secret sauce to brand positioning
– How to build a brand portfolio that works
– Making a branded podcast that stands out
– Who’s getting overlooked in restaurant branding
– With over 100 awards under her belt, including accolades from AdAge and DigiDay, Carolyn is the brand guru you need to listen to. From AWS to Red Lobster, she’s put her mark on major brands and is here to share her wisdom. 🏆

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LinkedIn: Carolyn Walker https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolynwalker/
Response Agency Website https://response.agency/

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