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As we all have grow up, each of our generation has seen the rise of a legendary artist that inspired an entire generation!! Before 90s we saw legends like Michael jackson, Britney spears and ofcourse the beatles!!! And today we are seeing the rise of another generation of Legendary artist like Cold play, Beyonce and Rihana!! But you know what??? Taylor Swift is one such artist who has done something so legendary that she single-handedly beat the records of Rihana Beyonce and Cold play combined!!!
In the summer tour of 2023, while Cold play made 85 Million dollars, Beyonce made 145 Million dollars, both of them combined made 230 Million dollars!! But taylor swift single handedly made an insane 305 Millions!! and now This tour alone is set to earn $1 billion in ticket sales and $5.7 billion in consumer spending in the US economy; you know how much money that it??? This tour alone generated more revenue than the GDP of 35 countries!!

So ever since Taylor swift started touring, my Gen z friends have been going crazy about Taylor!!

and because of this intense pressure, I started looking into Taylor!! and you know what I found!! I think Taylor Swift is a marketing genius and a brilliant businesswoman who knows how to use storytelling to make a billion dollars!! because if a single person can catalyze a billion-dollar economy that is something absolutely extraordinary!!

So in this episode today, lets dig deep and understand,
Without a powerful connection, without a rich a family background, how did an ordinary girl like Taylor swift become a legend in the American music industry??

What are the personal branding strategies that she deployed to be called the greatest artist of this generation?

And most importantly, what are the marketing lessons that we need to learn from this legend called Taylor Swift!!

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