David Bushell, director of AdGrow, joins us to provide his expert insight on how small businesses can utilise the power of digital marketing

David Bushell is the director of AdGrow, who provide expert PPC, analytics, conversion and training services to companies looking to improve their online marketing performance.

With 15 years of experience working in digital marketing under his belt, David has worked with a variety of clients, from Tesco to an array of established SMEs. In this webinar, David will share all he has learned over the years, as we discuss:

The digital marketing landscape, including channels and trends
How to define your digital marketing goals
Creating an effective digital marketing strategy
Leveraging content marketing for engagement and value
Mastering your SEO
Harnessing social media marketing
Utilising pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Gaining leads and retaining customers through email marketing
How to analyse data and measure success
Adapting and innovating to trends

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