How To Create CUSTOM GPTs (Full Tutorial) (For Beginners)

Instructions Template
Zapier Actions
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00:00 Gpts Change Everything
00:31 Introduction To Gpts
00:53 What If MyGPTS Isnt Available
01:44 Ensure you have Gpt Plus
02:06 GPTS Made By OpenAI
02:36 How To Create Your GPT
Fine Tuning With GPT Builder
5:40 Configure tab/Uploading New Files
05:48 Search for the latest Data
06:33 Downloading Youtube Data
08:08 Ensure the bot uses your data
08:20Ensure the bot avoids certain things
10:20 The bots tone of voice
10:40 Configure Tab
10:55 Conversation Starters
12:00 Instructions :
12:40 AI Actions
13:22 Open AI Dev Day Example :
17:50 Saving Your GPT

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