Learn the best strategy in ChatGPT for content creation!
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Free Content Creation Prompt (Copy and Paste):

I need help developing a content strategy for my brand in the [Industry] space. The main platforms I use are [Platform 1], [Platform 2], and [Platform 3]. I need you to develop content ideas that start on [Main Platform], and have the ability to create multiple posts on the other platforms based on that idea. For example, if I were in the artificial intelligence space and I created a video titled: 6 Use Cases for ChatGPT! That would be the main piece of content for my main platform. Then I would break down each tip or use case as a post or video on my side platforms. So, that’s what I need you to do.

Create me [Number] main content ideas for [Main Platform]. Generate [Necessary Information], and breakdown the posts that could come from these content ideas for my other platforms. Find relevant ideas that can stand out and outperform the market for my space.


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0:00 – New Era of Content Ideation
1:16 – My Content System
3:00 – Template Prompt for Content Generation
7:00 – Making Your Content Stand Out
8:34 – The Results
10:51 – The Main Struggle
11:13 – Learn ChatGPT In-Depth

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