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AI News this Halloween!

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ChatGPT All tools in one:
Chatgpt File upload:
JEN-1 will release
Chatgpt 3.5 turbo is 20b?
Sneak Peak at runwayml Gen 2.5?
Full Exec. Order:
Easy recap on Gov AI regulations:
Exec. Order not effect open source:
Gov won’t pay much for AI expertise:
AI Model for ASL translation:
Stability ai, Midjourney, Laion, win court case: (1) (2)
The 6 month ai dev pause is over:
Midjourney is about to release image gen on their website:
New open source AI video model:
New method to make more ai video frames:

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Timestamps by @drew5564

0:00 Intro
1:20 Wirestock Ad
3:22 ChatGPT multimodal on input and output
4:11 ChatGPT allowing phone usage
4:29 ChatGPT Parameters
5:33 government regulations on AI
10:56 US hiring ai professionals
11:25 Nvidia ASL to text
11:57 Court grants Deviant Art, Stability AI, and Midjourney Anderson case
13:18 6 month pause is over
13:44 Midjourney new Website
14:49 Jen Music Ai Generator
16:03 VideoCrafter 1
16:58 FreeNoise Text To Video Update
17:47 outro

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