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Recently, Blume Ventures, which has backed unicorns like Unacademy, Slice, and Purplle, released a report called ‘Omega Files.”

This report transparently discloses ‘How their inaugural fund performed?’ and, more importantly, provides insights into how Venture Capital firms operate.

In this episode, I will explain what is happening inside the venture capital firms with the Blume Venture Case study as an example. If you are a VC enthusiast or Aspiring entrepreneur, then this episode is for you.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – India & Venture Capital
1:14 – Blume & Inaugral Fund
1:36 – World of Limited Partners
1:48 – Blume & Limited Partners
2:05 – Why do LPs give money to VC firms?
2:30 – 3 ways for VC Exit
4:13 – How did Blume convince their limited partners?
4:56 – Deal Strategy
5:37 – Key Takeaways

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