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2 weeks back I had gone to assist Nikhil Kamath with the research of his podcast on the Electric vehicle revolution, and because of that we ended up reading 500 pages of research and we found something absolutely fascinating!! The electric revolution is gathering pace with each passing day!! And while most people might think this is yet another business trend, what they dont realise that just like Oil determined the power of nations in the 20th Century, in the 21st century who ever controls the resources to build an electric vehicle and Solar panels will go on to control the world itself!! And just like Oil this is one such industry where both business and geopolitics come hand in hand, so while on one side, Tesla, ford and Volkswagen have been pouring in billions of dollars to crack the EV market, on the other side, China and United states are in a geopolitical war to dominate the most essential materials to build an electric vehicle s.
Similarly in India we are seeing giant companies like Ola electric, ather energy, TVS, TATAs and even Hero pushing their boundaries to capture the EV industry of India!! And lastly just like any other business revolution even the EV revolution has some wonderful opportunities to invest and build a business!!

So in this indepth episode of 30mins, we are going to take you into deep dive and give you a snap shot of the entire EV industry!! And this is the only 30 minute explainer that you would need to get a macro view of the Electric revolution!!
So lets dive into this case study and understand,

Why are US China and India so crazy about EVs?
Where does the power game of Electric vehicle lie??
How will EVs determine the next superpowers of the 21st century?
Where does India stand in this race?
And how are the legends like Ambani and TATAs catapolting India into the EV revolution? How is the economics of EVs changing with time?
And most importantly, as entreprenurs and students of business where do the golden opportunties in the electric revolution lie?

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