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Zero tax policy is one of the most lucarative and perhaps the most controverisal policy in the 21st century, and while countries like UAE and Qatar have used their oil money to nullify their taxes, in India zero taxes is something that nobody could ever expect!! But you know what, in 2008, while the entire world was witnessing a financial crisis, modi ji as the chief minister of Guajrat was laying the foundation for a financial hub in India which would have zero taxes for 10 freaking years!!

Sounds crazy isnt it!! Well as it turns out, after 15 long years, that dream is finally coming to reality and as it turns out India is building an extraordinary city in the state of Gujarat that might go to compete with legendary places like Dubai and Singapore!! This city is what they are calling the Gujarat international financial tech city or GIFT city!!

Now I have a lot of disagreement with the modi government, but everytime, I read about Gujarat, I am just fascinated by the visionary governance of the BJP!! So the question is,
What exactly is this Gujarat international financial tech city all about?
How is the Gujarat government building the next Dubai and Singapore right at the heart of Gujarat, How will help India become more powerful at the Global stage?
And most importantly, What the challenges of failure that Gujarat government has to overcome to succeed in this legendary project!!

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