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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Tata motors had been a struggling company in the Indian auto market for 15 long years!! In spite of being in the market for so long, In Spite of being backed by one of the wealthiest houses in the world, in spite of having the Brand name of the noblest brand in the country the company was in such a terrible condition that they had a market share of just 4.6% in FY16, all their projects like Indica, Safari, and Sumo had failed in the long run. The losses were piling up so fast that their December 18 quarter loss stood at Rs 26,961.this was back then the highest-ever quarterly loss reported by any company on Dalal street!!
But within the last 6 years, the TATA motors team has achieved something absolutely extraordinary!! They have more than doubled their market share to 12.14% in Fy 22, they have an 80% market share in the EV space, and more importantly for the first time in a decade, Tata Motors made more money per car than the giant Maruti Suzuki itself!!
The question is,
How did the Tata motors team achieve such an extraordinary rise?
What was the business strategy that is speeding them towards market leadership?
and lastly, what are the study materials to help you understand the automobile market of the 21st century?

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