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In this case study, Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO of Zoho, tells the story of how he built India’s most profitable unicorn from a village.

ZOHO Case Study: How Sridhar Vembu Built India’s Most Profitable Unicorn From a Village?

In a captivating exploration of entrepreneurial prowess, Ashutosh Pratihast unravels the intriguing tale of Sridhar Vembu in the video titled “ZOHO Case Study: How A Villager Built India’s Most Profitable Unicorn?”.
This video delves into the extraordinary life of Sridhar Vembu, a humble villager who, even today, pedals through life on a bicycle. Yet, against all odds, he has steered ZOHO into a realm of unparalleled success, boasting a staggering revenue of 70000 crores and an annual profit of 2700 crores.
Ashutosh Pratihast artfully decodes the life lessons embedded in Vembu’s journey, offering viewers a blueprint for resilience, innovation, and leadership. The narrative explores how a modest villager transformed challenges into opportunities, laying the foundation for ZOHO’s meteoric rise.
The video goes beyond financial statistics, delving into the alchemy of Vembu’s business acumen. It dissects strategic decisions, leadership philosophy, and innovative strategies that catapulted ZOHO to the zenith of the business world.
As gleaned from various sources including a [day-in-the-life account](, Pratihast paints a vivid picture of Sridhar’s daily odyssey – from cycling through fields to the ZOHO office, epitomizing the humility and grounded values that define this visionary leader.

From zero to profitability in just two years, Zoho One is now India’s fastest-growing CRM software company. In this case study, Sridhar Vembu tells the story of how he built Zoho One from scratch, using unique sales and marketing strategies. By the end of this case study, you’ll understand why Zoho One is one of India’s most successful companies and how you can achieve the same level of success!
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Embark on this enlightening voyage through the ZOHO Case Study, where the story of a villager’s triumph unfolds into a saga of inspiration, perseverance, and unparalleled success.


00:00 – Prologue
01:09 – Beginning Of Sridhar Vembu
04:22 – Teji – Mandi
06:35 – Success Story Of Zoho
08:31 – 9 Lessons From Zoho’s Journey
17:55 – Conclusion

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