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Ever since the Indian premier League has started, the Indian business ecosystem has been pouring in 1000s of crores in sponsorships
but while its quiet normal to see a company like Pepsi or TATA pour in 100s of crores to sponsor the IPL, in 2020, it was mind boggling to see that a 12 year old start up like Dream 11 won the bid to sponsor IPL for an astonishing, 222 crore. and since then Dream 11 has become one of the fastest growing sports fantasy platform in the country with more than 140 million users as of 2021. and guess what?

Dream sports is now valued at 8 billion dollars and is one of the rare-consumer focused start ups to actually post a profit. As of 2020 their profits stood at 180.8 cr and its revenue has already crossed 2000cr.

-The question is what is so special about the Dream 11 model that it is able to generate profit inspite of spending 100s of crores into marketing?
-How did the company very cleverly escape the govt regulation that could have banned it for being a gambling game?
and most importantly, what are the lessons that we need to learn from the rise of Dream 11

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