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On 1st July 2017, the government of India made the grand announcement of the Goods and service tax or GST. and as soon as this announcement was made, the largest democracy in the world went through a major economic overhaul!! and as usual, just like any major policy, while one side, there was a segment of media that glorified the move, on the other side we had people portraying it as a disaster in the making!! While one side GST was a subject of celebration on the other side it was a subject of protest!!! so now that its been 5 years since its implementation and with elections coming up VERY soon, if you want to be a well informed citizen now would be a good time to understand the impact of GST in your life and my life!! So in this economic case study, let’s go deep and try to understand,
Why exactly was GST implemented?
How did it affect the economy of India in both good and bad ways?
and most importantly, as students of business, what are the study materials and factors that will help you understand this revolutionary economic policy of India!

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