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Hi Everybody,

On the 15th of February 2024, the Supreme court passed a landmark judgement and declared that the Anonymous Electoral bond scheme was unconstitutional. And this sparked a major controversy about the political funding in India!

While on one side, the electoral bonds were considered to be a safe instrument of political donation, on the other side this electoral bond scheme is considered to be the biggest scam in democratic india! While on one side, it is considered to be an instrument to curb black money transactions, on the other side, it is considered to be a legal instrument of extortion in India!

So as usual, let’s break through the chaos and understand step by step,

What exactly are these electoral bonds?
Why were they introduced by the NDA government?
What are the disadvantages of these instruments because of which it is considered to be a threat to the democracy of India?
And as usual, we will put out both sides of the argument so that you can decide which side youwanttofavor!

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