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No Product No Service, फिर भी करोड़ों का धंधा ? | BNI Case Study | Rahul Malodia

No Product No Service फिर भी करोड़ों का धंधा | BNI Case Study | Rahul Malodia

Welcome to our latest case study video, where we explore deep into the world of business networking with a focus on Business Network International (BNI). Join us as CA Rahul Malodia expertly dissects a compelling case study that unveils the power and potential of BNI in transforming businesses. In this video, we explore the essence of Business Network International, a global force in business networking, and gain insights into its impactful presence in India.

Discover the distinctions of BNI Business Class, a unique platform within the BNI ecosystem designed to elevate businesses to new heights. Uncover the significance of being part of the best business networking groups, and how it can significantly boost your professional network.

Together, also understand referral marketing, a cornerstone of the BNI business model, and comprehend how it can exponentially grow your business. Gain a comprehensive understanding of BNI chapters and explore the enriching experience of participating in BNI Business Conclaves and the unique opportunities they present for entrepreneurs. Unlock invaluable tips and skills for mastering the art of business networking, shared by CA Rahul Malodia.

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Key Moments:

0:00 – 2:57 – Intro of BNI
2:58 – 7:00 – About BNI, Key Aspects and History
7:01 – 9:30 – Standard Operating Procedure in BNI
9:31 – 11:08 – Perfect Organisation Responsibility
11:09 – 11:54 – Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer
11:55 – 12:29 – Coordinators and Process
12:30 – 13:51 – BNI Givers Gain
13:52 – 17:27 – Accountability and Measurement in BNI
15:16 – 17:25 – Recognition in BNI
17:26 – 18:59 – Learning and Fun and BNI Connect
19:00 – 21:23 – Benefits of Joining BNI
21:24 – 23:00 – My BNI Journey
23:01 – 24:07 – Call to Action

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