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Video Introduction:
Bharatpe is one of the most valuable startups in India in the digital payments space sitting at a valuation of a whopping 2.8 billion dollars close to 20,000 crore Indian rupees. Bharatpe was started in 2018 by shashwat nakrani and bhavik koladiya to solve some major problems in the digital payments market like multiple OR codes, transaction commissions charged by merchants etc. In the initial days of starting bhartpe these 2 IITian approached Ashneer Grover who had a vast experience in the financial markets because of his work experience in American Express and Grofers where he was the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Ashneer Grover entered Bharatpe in 2018 and took control of the company introducing many things in the company to turn it into a billion-dollar business venture. Today Bharatpe is providing loans amounting more than 300 crores to small merchants for their business operations need making Bharatpe the most powerful payment merchant platform in India. Recently Ashneer Grover with his wife Madhuri jain Grover in a controversy where they are accused of stealing Bharatpe’s funds and also misconduct. This video is a complete business case study on Bharatpe highlighting the business strategies used by Bharatpe to turn it into a billion Dollar business Venture. This video is a complete business case study highlighting the business and marketing strategies of Bharatpe along with the business lessons one can learn and implement in their own business. The video also covers Bharatpe and Ashneer Grover controversy and the reasons behind this controversy which brought down the career of a successful businessman and Shark Tank India Shark.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Bharatpe Business Case Study
00:45 – How Bharatpe Was Started?
01:09 – Problems in Digital payments market of India
01:58 – Bharatpe Business Strategy
02:18 – How Ashneer Grover Transformed Bharatpe?
03:20 – How Bharatpe Became A Billion-Dollar Startup?
03:58 – Bharatpe Business Model
04:55 – How Bharatpe Provides Loans To Merchants?
05:55 – Why Ashneer Grover Left Bharatpe?
07:04 – Bharatpe and Ashneer Grover Controversy
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