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Mozilla is one of the greatest tech organisation of 21st century. They built some of the best tech products ever built, and specially in this fast growing tech world, Mozilla was among those rare companies that was able offer world class tech products without invading the privacy of its users! Infact, if you are a 90s kid, Mozilla firefox was our go to browser internet explorer felt like this. Infact, if you are a 90s kid you would know that Mozilla was our go to browser because internet browser was super slow. But as we all saw, suddenly, we all stopped using Mozilla and out of nowhere google chrome became the most dominating player in the browser industry. So in this episode today,
Lets try to understand, Why is Mozilla considered to be among the greatest tech organisations in the world inspite of not being a market leader?
How did Mozilla fail inspite of delivering some of the best and the cheapest products in the world?
and as students of business and as entrepreneurs what are lessons that we need to learn from the Tragedy of Mozilla and avoid becoming one!
This is a story that dates back to early 1990s, during this time, millions of American household’s started to have personal computers for the first time. Until now, the personal computer market was being dominated by IBM in PCs and Microsoft for operating system. and they had almost established a monopoly in the personal computers and the operating system space respectively! This is when the second wave computer revolution came up where we saw the rise of the internet and everyone wanted to use the internet.

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