Nestle Is Secretly Killing You ? | Nestle Mafia 🔥 | Business Case Study | Nestle Business Case Study

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Video Introduction:
Nestle is one of the most successful and biggest food companies in this world capturing almost everything that comes in the food space. Nestle has been in this world for more than 180 years becoming one of the oldest companies to be operating in this world. Nestle has their operations worldwide diversified in commodities like baby milk, coffee, chips, cookies, chocolates, water, and much more which brings in more than 100 billion dollars of revenue for the company. A lot of people still see nestle as a sweet chocolate manufacturer which brings in famous brands like Kitkat and milky bar to the marketplace but interestingly very few people know that Nestle is one of the most hated companies in this world because of various dark activities which Nestle has practiced in its past. Nestle introduced their baby formula in the 1970s which gave rise to one of the biggest medical scandals of this world when Nestle used various marketing techniques to promote their baby formula. Nestle is also known to be involved in buying Blood Cocoa for manufacturing their chocolates. This video covers various marketing techniques used by Nestle
to market their products and also covers various dark activities in which Nestle was involved in the past. This video is a complete business case study on Nestle and Nestle’s Dark side. This video also covers various
business lessons which one can learn from Nestle’s business case study and implement in their own business.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Nestle Business Case Study
00:40 – History of Nestle Business
01:04 – Problems faced by Nestle in Marketing
01:50 – Nestle Baby Formula Marketing Strategy
02:09 – Biggest Medical Scandal Of Nestle Business
02:30 – Nestle Marketing Strategy
04:30 – Dark Business Practices of Nestle
06:32 – Nestle International Marketing Business Strategy
07:32 – Nestle Business Expansion Strategy
07:50 – Nestle Chocolate Business Marketing Strategy
08:14 – Nestle Chocolate Business Dark Side
08:47 – How can You Learn to Start Your Own Business?
09:32 – Business Lessons From Nestle Business Case Study
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