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Video Introduction:
WeWork has been one of the most successful and fastest-growing silicon valley startups sitting over a valuation of 47 billion dollars in 2019. WeWork was started by Adam Neumann in 2008 with Miguel Mckelvey in New York. WeWork was started with 2 million dollars and the startup acquired funding of 17 million dollars in just 6 months of starting its operations. Today WeWork is present in more than 30 countries with more than 945 locations providing co-working spaces to the world. WeWork was funded by Masayoshi Son in 2016 with a whopping 4.4 billion dollars after which the startup started to expand rapidly becoming one of the most valuable startups in the startup ecosystem. WeWork planned to launch its IPO in September 2019 but because of various internal matters going on in the company investors pulled out their interest from Wewok’s IPO dropping its valuation from 47 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars causing a very big massive loss to various investors who had invested in WeWork. Why does WeWork fail? what were the reasons for the downfall of this highly valued startup?. This video is a complete business case study on WeWork failure. The video covers various reasons why WeWork failed. This video is a complete business case study on WeWork discussing various business strategies and business mistakes made by the company that led t its failure. This video also covers various business lessons from the WeWork failure case study which we can learn and implement in our own business.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Wework Failure Business Case Study
00:57 – How WeWork was started?
03:36 – WeWork 1st Business Strategy
04:35 – WeWork Business Model
06:06 – Business Mistakes That let To Wework Failure
09:30 – Problems with WeWork Business Model
10:08 – Why WeWork Failed?
12:59 – Business lessons from Wewrok Failure Business Case Study
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