Who Killed Nokia ? | Why Nokia Failed ? | Business Case Study | Nokia Case Study

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Video Introduction:
Nokia was one of the largest phone companies in this world ruling the mobile phone market worlwide. Nokia was started as a paper mill and soon expanded into multiple businesses until they realized that hreat potential lies in the mobile market. Nokia started making portable handsets in 1983 which soon became real popular and in the early 1900s nokia started to dominate big players like erricsson and motorola with its value proposition of delivering compact handy affordable mobile handsets. Some fate was wrong and soon nokia started seeing a downfall times changed when steve jobs launched Apple iphone in 2007 and the world started to move towards the smartphone Era. Stephen elop joined Nokia in 2010 as the new CEO but even he failed to pull up Nokia. This video is a conplete business case study on Nokia’s failure. The video answers the question Why nokia failed? This video highlights alot of business and marketing strategies used by nokia which turned them into a multi-billion dollar telephone giant. This video highlights alot of business mistakes made by nokia. The video also includes some powerful business lessons which one can learn and implement into their own business.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Nokia Failure Business Case Study
00:30 – History of Nokia
01:29 – How Nokia Became a Billion-Dollar Giant
02:07 – 1st Business Mistake of Nokia
03:30 – 2nd Business Mistake of Nokia
04:10 – 3rd Business Mistake of Nokia
06:07 – 4th Business Mistake of Nokia
09:05 – 5th Business Mistake of Nokia
11:19 – Business Lessons From Nokia Failure Business Case Study
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