In 1919, a 12-year-old Haldiram began selling Bhujia in Bikaner for just 2 paise. Despite humble beginnings and family struggles, his passion for innovation and quality drove him to create a snack empire. From introducing Moth Dal Bhujia to pioneering long shelf-life packaging, Haldiram’s transformed the Indian snack industry. Discover how Haldiram’s expanded from Bikaner to Kolkata, Nagpur, and Delhi, overcoming challenges like the 1984 riots. With a focus on delighting customers across segments, Haldiram’s now earns over ₹9000 crore annually, with a presence in 80+ countries. This is the remarkable story of a true Indian success.

Video Source: Bhujia Barons: The Untold Story of How Haldiram Built a Rs 5000-crore Empire
Book by Pavitra Kumar

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