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It’s always important to listen to your followers in the virtual world. Customer feedback software has gained popularity in the last decade, as people have now realized the importance of leveraging the power of user feedback. 

WordPress, the world’s largest content management solution has a great facility where it allows users to create an online survey using a plugin to collect instant user feedback.

The best part about these user feedback plugins is that they can activate forms on your website instantly. This allows businesses to find out the candid opinions of their users, and implement smart suggestions that will provide their followers with a more meaningful experience.

If you are on WordPress, it is important to choose the best feedback plugin that will make your survey appealing and interesting.

There are tons of plugins available, but you need to be clear about what features are you looking out for to create a strong impact on your users. Here is a curated list of the top 10 user feedback plugins for WordPress:

Top 10 User Feedback Plugins For WordPress

1. Mopinion

MopinionOne of the most widely used free feedback plugins, Mopinion enables users to collect valuable suggestions, and even receive visual feedback through screen scots on individual web pages. All this is possible just through the click of a button – a visitor on your website has to click on the feedback button and can give an instant response.

Mopinion focuses on personalization, hence the feedback form can be customized by changing font, text style, background color, adding a brand logo and even changing the language.

Once a user has provided a response, it can be instantly accessed through a separate Mopinion account that is made on downloading the feedback plugin.  Users can also opt to receive instant email alerts directly in their email inbox for more convenience.

2. JotForm Feedback Button

JotForm Feedback ButtonA smooth feedback collection tool, JotForm enables users to collect feedback through a personalized button on your website. It is available completely free and can create different types of buttons on your WordPress page that will enable people to put forward their opinions in a structured manner.

JotForm is powered with a web-based form builder that has a drag and drop interface. This makes it extremely useful for users to customize forms without any technical difficulties.

JotForm is a feature-rich and popular feedback plugin for WordPress and the free version can be used for up to 100 form submissions per month, beyond that you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

3. Quiz and Survey Master

JotForm Feedback ButtonA novel user feedback plugin, Quiz and Survey Master is an intelligent data collection tool. It is the ideal solution for adding detailed surveys or quizzes on your WordPress pages. Quiz and Survey Master has a host of rich features that help to create the perfect quiz or survey and is free of cost.

It enables users to create various kinds of surveys such as multi-page, forms including true or false options, multiple-choice questions or open-ended questions.

This tool enables each quiz or survey to contain unlimited pages, and it also gives the option to customize them with text. Another very beneficial feature about Quiz and Survey Master is that once the feedback is submitted, the result can be mailed for better and quick interpretation.

4. WP Forms

WP FormsA specialized drag and drop builder, WP Forms is a WordPress feedback plugin that allows its users to create detailed payment forms, subscription forms, and feedback questionnaires.

It is extremely responsive for mobile devices and ensures that all form fields are completely customizable, hence making it a smart tool for capturing accurate feedback.

It can be integrated with CRM software also and has a list of useful features that make it easy for users to create forms and collect authentic feedback. WP Forms can display results as soon as surveys are completed, and can also mail the results to email addresses, making it an agile and flexible platform.

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5. CaptainForm

CaptainFormOne of the best WordPress feedback plugins with a vast array of features, CaptainForm is widely subscribed to by a loyal population of followers. It enables users to create any kind of form using a drag and drop interface, and they can easily build surveys, contact detail forms, registration forms, and payment schedule forms.

CaptainForm offers form editors more than 25 variable form fields that are entirely customizable.

The feedback plugin has the facility of informing multiple people by sending them notifications, once the data has been collected. CaptainForm enables users to sort, filter, analyze and store collected information, and also allows for data to be exported to Excel and PDF.

6. Ninja Forms

Ninja FormsThis is a great feedback plugin for beginners and novices due to its simple design and user-friendly interface. It has a navigable drag and drops form builder that allows users to create detailed customized forms with zero codings. There is no outer limit to the number of forms that users can create, and unlimited fields can be added in every form.

The Ninja Forms feedback plugin informs users once their feedback has been collected by sending them a ‘success’ message or redirecting them to another page.

The core plugin is absolutely free and can be easily downloaded, however, there are two advanced extensions that can be purchased. This popular WordPress feedback plugin is a great tool that can help to keep surveys interactive and collect data in an efficient manner.

7. Social Polls

Social PollsThis is a WordPress feedback plugin that is an ideal choice if users want to add interactive content on their webpages. It can be used for creating opinion polls, quizzes, data surveys, and slideshows.

Social Polls enables form creators to add visual images and videos to make surveys more interesting. Social Polls allows for diverse types of questions to be added such as multiple choices, true or false and open-ended questions.

A call-to-action can also be included at the end of the survey that redirects users to another page for lead management. The created survey forms can be added to various locations on the site of maximum visibility such as sidebars, posts, and different webpages.

8. Formidable Forms Builder

Formidable Forms BuilderA useful WordPress feedback plugin, Formidable Forms is a tool that can help users create contact forms, quizzes, surveys, and registration forms. It has a drag and drop editor that is user-friendly, and allows for customization of form fields.

Formidable Forms Builder integrates with other existing systems and even facilitates the import of contact form leads from digital marketing or CRM software tools.

Form creators can embed histograms, pie charts, graphs, and other images on their web pages. It is an intuitive tool that makes it easy to build complex forms and ensures that the results are shared with the site audience effectively.

9. CBX Feedback

CBX FeedbackThis is a diverse WordPress feedback plugin that gives users the option to collect data through a vertical simple button. The feedback button can be customized for the background color, text style, and font.

While the free version of CBX Feedback allows users to create only one button, upgrading to an advanced version to unlimited buttons and form support. Once the survey forms have been created, it is simple to share them on email, web pages, posts, and social media accounts.

CBX Feedback is an intelligent platform that facilitates the creation of complex forms that can include Likert scales, open-ended opinion questions, and multiple-choice answers.

10. YOP Poll

YOP PollThis is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that enables users to create polls, surveys, and forms to collect feedback. YOP Polls makes it possible to run multiple polls simultaneously on a website and makes it easy to add the polls on the site using shortcuts or widgets.

It has a unique poll scheduling option that enables quick data collection by time-based scheduling of opinion polls. YOP Poll also has a number of pre-built form templates that cater to user requirements, and help in saving time and energy.

If you have an online blog or webpage, it is important to be serious about feedback. You will be able to come to know what is working and what needs to be changed to grab the reader’s attention. So make sure to choose one of the best WordPress feedback plugins that will help you collect authentic data. It is the smartest way to make positive changes and provide your readers with a better experience.

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