Employee engagement is the process of keeping employees focused, inspired, and enthused. Companies nowadays are focusing more on employee engagement ideas to increase employee loyalty. However, keeping your employees engaged constantly is no cakewalk. You need to take appropriate measures to eliminate dissatisfaction and boredom from your workplace so as to keep your employees motivated at work.

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Significance of Employee Engagement 

Employee engagement is important for organizations for the following reasons:

  • It offers greater employee satisfaction;
  • Reduces absenteeism;
  • Enhances sales and boosts profitability;
  • Helps you build a team of loyal employees; 
  • Results in higher levels of employee retention; and
  • Employees complain less about their job.

These are few reasons why getting employees engaged is currently the top priority for employers and HR managers across the globe. In this post, we will shed light on 23 employee engagement ideas that you can consider implementing this year to keep your employees happy and satisfied.

Top 23 Employee Engagement Tips

1. Build a Supportive Work Environment

As a manager, you need to create a positive work environment and foster an open exchange of ideas among your team members to keep them engaged. You should not only appreciate the hard work of your employees but also motivate them to voice their opinions. At the same time, you should try creating a fun office environment for boosting employee productivity.

2. Set Goals for Your Employees

One of the best employee engagement ideas is to set goals for your employees so that they know their responsibilities and do their best for producing outstanding results.

3. Allow Your Employees to Work from Home

The Millennial workforce prefers working remotely. Thus, a lot of forward-thinking businesses are embracing work-from-home policy to keep their employees happy and satisfied. All you need to do is provide your employees with the right work-from-home software and tools to keep your team productive.

4. Flexible Work Timings

If you are looking for the best employee engagement ideas, try introducing flexible work timings in your organization. A flexible schedule not only boosts productivity but also curbs employee attrition rate.

5. Use Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing systems help you stay connected to your remotely located team members anytime, anywhere. For example, many companies conduct virtual coffee breaks via videoconferencing platforms to allow their remote and in-house team members to interact and socialize with each other virtually. Consequently, the remote workers do not feel left out as it fosters a sense of belonging among them.

6. Create Employee Achievement Reports

The success of your company depends on the performance of your employees. Thus, quarterly and annual employee achievement reports are an excellent way to enhance employee engagement. Considering the benefits offered by employee achievement reports, companies are investing in employee recognition software to make the process of performance appraisals transparent and also to keep tabs on the performance of employees. The report generated by the software not only keeps your employees informed about their performance but also helps them identify the parameters of the employee evaluation process.

7. Pay Your Employees on Time

Late payments can end up frustrating your employees. Thus, make sure your employees receive their paycheck on time. Consider investing in high-performance payroll software to streamline your payroll process and ensure your employees are paid on time.

8. Build an Impressive Employee Benefits Package

A competitive employee benefits package is a brilliant way of keeping your workforce engaged. Employee benefits software helps you manage both monetary and non-monetary employee benefits seamlessly. The software also minimizes the challenges of managing benefits eligibility and various types of entitlements.

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9. Employee Engagement Surveys

Conducting employee engagement surveys is one of the best employee engagement ideas. Online employee survey software can help you obtain honest feedback from your employees. Based on the feedback accumulated from the surveys, you can take appropriate steps to further enhance employee engagement.

10. Host Creativity Workshops

Conducting fun workshops or team-building seminars from time to time also inspires employees and keeps them energized, focused, and engaged. You can count on workshop management software to host your workshops with ease.

11. Introduce Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs are counted amongst the best employee engagement ideas. If you want to keep your employees motivated, pick a suitable wellness program for them. For example, you can provide your team members with healthy snacks, organize Yoga sessions, offer gym memberships, or publish a  company newsletter containing health and nutrition content. Alternatively, you may also invite health experts for offering health assessments to your employees.

12. Attendance/Leave Management

all employee engagement ideas attendance and leave management is the most significant one. Consider investing in cloud-based attendance management software to keep tabs on employees absent from work. At the same time, do not forget to reward your team members for good attendance.

13. Be a Good Listener

As a responsible manager, you also need to be a good listener to keep your employees engaged. You should never shy away from lending a helping hand to your employees. You should not only motivate them to share their problems but also try resolving them in the best possible manner.

14. Organize Internal Group Meetings

One of the best employee engagement ideas is to conduct group meetings at regular intervals. Group meetings are an excellent way of providing your employees to share their opinions and ideas. You can also utilize video conferencing software to involve your remote employees in the internal group meetings.

15. Encourage Employees to Take Vacations

Vacations not only refresh your employees but also make them more productive, thus, boosting their work performance and job satisfaction. That’s why more and more companies are coming up with impressive vacation policies, to encourage their team to take time off.

16. Help Your Team Members Know Each Other

Regular video calls, joint assignments, overnight events, and team outings help connect your team members. When your team members know their co-workers, they are also motivated to help each other. Consequently, it enhances team spirit, thus driving the employees to perform better.

17. Inspire Your Employees to Take More Responsibilities

Try giving more responsibilities to make your employees feel valued. By delegating tasks to your employees you not only keep them engaged but also help them develop new skills, thus, empowering them to become more confident in their work.

18. Set Up Incentives

Incentives in the form of recognition, rewards, appreciation, or compensation are also counted as the most-preferred employee engagement ideas by a lot of organizations. For example, a lot of companies make use of sales incentives software to manage incentives and keep sales reps motivated. Employees love appreciation, bonuses and perks. Therefore, try experimenting with different ideas of rewarding your employees for their small and big achievements or outstanding performance at work. If implemented correctly, incentives can go a long way towards helping you reach your business goals.

19. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This is an excellent way of fostering engagement among your employees. When you involve your team members in social issues that you care about, they get the opportunity to work collaboratively with each other. Consequently, it improves communication across teams besides boosting the level of trust that employees have on each other. Additionally, you can also ask your team members to pick a social cause each month so that they can volunteer for the social causes they care about. What’s more, you can also invest in CSR management software to engage their workforce in volunteering.

20. Encourage Work-Life Balance

Make sure you help your in-house as well as remote team members achieve work-life balance. You can do that by restricting work hours or allowing a flexible work schedule, or encouraging them to bring their family to work once every month.

21. Brainstorming Sessions

Regular brainstorming sessions are an excellent way of keeping your employees engaged. Active participation of employees in brainstorming sessions stimulates their creativity and also helps build their self-confidence.

22. Invite a Motivational Speaker

Last but not least, it is advisable to bring in a motivational speaker every month to boost the morale of your employees. Allow the speaker to interact individually with your team members to educate and inspire them.

23. Focus on the Individual Growth of Employees

If one of your team members wants to pursue a new career opportunity within your organization, encourage the person’s decision and provide them with adequate training so that they can learn and thrive in their career.

The Bottom Line 

So these are a few ideas chosen by us to help you keep your employees engaged. Adherence to the employee engagement ideas cited above will not only help you create a healthy work environment but also boost employee productivity.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Thus, you should take every possible measure to make sure they feel valued at work.


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