New research has come to the surface on the burning questions of AI. From mind-reading technology to regulating artificial intelligence, here’s the latest AI News.

Productive Dude’s Channel: @ProductiveDude

Senate Meeting:

ChatGPT Losing traffic:

Mind Reading Ai:

ChatGPT Water Usage:

ChatGPT Bankrupt Potential:

Stability Ai Audio Product:

Zoom AI Advancements:

0:00 – Introduction
1:08 – Closed Door Hearing to Regulate AI
5:07 – ChatGPT Traffic Falls 3 Months in a Row
9:35 – Mind-Reading AI Technologies
15:18 – ChatGPT Water Consumption
19:50 – Text to Audio on Stability AI
22:35 – New Zoom AI Features
30:05 – Outro

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