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In 2011 a company that started with just 25 students, went on to become one of the most valued startups in Indian history in just 10 years. By 2021, Not just millions but 100s of millions of students were using their resources, the greatest star in the country was endorsing them and within no time, it became an epitome of the booming Ed tech industry of India. This company as we all know is BYJU’s.

But in last 2 years, Byju’s has seen a dramatic downturn. The press has gone crazy about their functioning, the company is dealing with investor troubles, an auditor and multiple board members have left, they have laid off thousands of employees, and most importantly, they have been bleeding with thousands of crores in losses.

And during this time, their valuation has dropped from $22 billion in 2022 to below 3 billion today. This is because BYJU’s took some bold steps that did not pay off as much as expected!! So if you are a business leader, regardless of the domain you belong to listen to this case study very very carefully, because the lessons from this case study will help you escape failure!

So in this episode today, let’s do a deep dive and try to understand,
What is the story of BYJU’s?
What are the challenges that they are facing?
What are the lessons that we need to extract from the operations of this Giant edtech company?

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