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Deutsche Bahn – Preparation for the recruitment process – Case Study (Games for Business)

Deutsche Bahn Preparation for the recruitment process Case Study Games for Business

Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe pre-selects thousands of applicants to fill the train driver and dispatcher positions all over Germany each year. To qualify for the job, candidates need to pass an aptitude test to see if they meet the expectations of these high responsibility professions.

Unfortunately, a high rate of candidates failed the psychological test in 2018, and only a few who repeated it. The management team of Deutsche Bahn decided to set up a new strategy with a brand new approach: our gamified learning platform was implemented to help candidates prepare for their exams more engagingly and efficiently. The new system, developed by Games for Business, helps candidates understand what to expect and how to prepare for the assessment process in a virtual environment.

Games for Business is an award-winning gamified digital learning platform. We help your company transfer knowledge in an employee-centric and engaging way while improving learning performance at the same time. We create an integrated learning experience that combines real-life and digital activities. The Games for Business learning platform engages employees to process the content and boosts their motivation, and it supports the company’s leadership with relevant insights and data. With our digital journeys, learning becomes effective and fun at the same time, even in a multi-generational workforce. The platform is a perfect combination of SYSTEM AND SERVICE.

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