Hidden Story Of Netflix ? Why Netflix is Losing Subscribers? | Business Case Study | Netflix Case Study In Hindi | Case Study Of Netflix

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Video Introduction:
Netflix the king ot OTT media is currently facing big issues, the company which onced ruled the OTT world is now loosing its subscribers on daily basis. Netflix was one of the biggest OTT media platforms in this world at once but now there are big competitors like Disney Hotstar, Zee5 and Amazon Prime Video taking over Netflix. Netflix was started by Reed Hastings in 1997 as a subscription based DVD rental service to compete with a pioneer company named Blockbuster. Blockbuster was a 3.91 billion dollar conglomerate back then with more than 9000 DVD stores worldwide it used to rule the movie space. When Netflix came into picture Blockbuster experienced tough competiton and as a result today the company stands bankrupt. Netflix is in trouble and has lost more than 2 lakh subscribers worldwide bringing the netflix stock down by 370% causing a huge loss to investors. The question is why Netflix is loosing subscriber? Why Netflix is loosing the OTT media game? Why Netflix is failing? This video is a business case study on the Rise and Fall of Netflix and also covers some business insights on why Netflix is failing and wny netflix stock is down by 370%. This video covers some interesting business strategies used by Netflix to grow their business. The video also covers some powerful business and marketing lessons which one can learn and implement in their own video.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction ToNetflix Business Case Study
00:40 – The Back story of Reed Hastings
01:00 – Entrepreneurial Journey of Reed Hastings
01:18 – How Netflix was started?
02:00 – The Idea Behind Netflix Business
02:32 – How Companies Use Marketing Strategies To Trick You
03:30 – Truth Behind Netflix Business
04:00 – Pseudo Marketing Strategy
06:35 – How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster’s Business Monopoly
07:16 – 1st Business Strategy of Netflix
09:00 – 2nd Business Strategy of Netflix
09:26 – Netflix Tricky Algorithm
10:56 – Fall of Netflix
12:00 – Why Netflix is Failing?
13:25 – Business Lessons From Netflix Business Case Study
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