There may be numerous reasons why you may request a clearance letter. It could be from a school or institution to show that you have completed an academic course. It could also be from a bank to detail the completion of loan repayment or an employer showing proof of previous employment.

In most instances, a clearance certificate is required when someone needs to obtain a work permit, visa, or mortgage. It could also come in handy when applying for a new job.

In this article, we explore how to write a request letter for a clearance certificate. This letter should help you obtain your certificate from a school, financial institution, or former employer.

What to Include in a Clearance Certificate Request Letter


You can use various formats when drafting this letter, depending on why you are writing it. However, every letter should include specific elements to make it more effective and appropriate. This should also help you keep to the topic when writing.

A typical request letter for clearance certificate should include:

  • Address – Always name the recipient of your letter. Try to find it out from their office or former colleagues. Nonetheless, you can address your letter to ‘whom it may concern’ if you can’t find their name.
  • Introduction – After the salutation, describe who you are and why you are writing. Get straight to the point and avoid any unrelated anecdotes.
  • Purpose of the letter – Give a detailed description of why you are writing this letter. Don’t leave anything out as the information you provide will be included in your clearance certificate.
  • Dates – Provide a date by when you need the clearance certificate. This should enable the recipient to prepare and submit your response.
  • Contact information – The recipient may need to contact you for more information. Make sure to include your email or phone number in the letter.

Tips for Writing a Request Letter for Clearance Certificate


When drafting this letter, maintain a courteous and professional tone. Mention why you are writing and get straight to the point. In case this is a follow-up request letter, refer to the previous one. Here are more guidelines to help you:

  • Address the letter appropriately.
  • Mention why you are writing the letter in the introductory paragraph
  • Use a polite tone
  • Get straight to the point and avoid lengthy stories.
  • Give a deadline for when you need the certificate.
  • Provide your contact information
  • Use a business format.
  • Proofread your letter and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes

Sometimes, you may have sent several letters requesting a clearance certificate with no response. Nonetheless, don’t adopt an accusatory tone when drafting the request. Politely mention that you have written a previous letter and request compliance.

Request Letter for Clearance Certificate (Format)


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I, {your name} would like to request my clearance certificate for {nature of certificate}. I have been a(n) {employee/student/accountholder} at {institution name} for {duration}. I began {studying/working/etc.} there on {date} and completed on {date}.

I need this certificate for {state the purpose}. I will highly appreciate it if you grant my request by {date by which you need the certificate}.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

Sample Letter Requesting Clearance Certificate from Former Employer

16 July 2032

Kaitlin West

Human Resource Manager

JKL Company Ltd,

8900 JC, New Jersey

Dear Mrs. West,

I have been a sales representative in the Marketing Department of JKL Company Ltd for the past four years. My tenure with the company began on 14 February 2030 and ended on 11 July 2032, following the downsizing exercise of 9 July 2032.

I am requesting an employment clearance certificate because I have secured a job in another company. I am required to hand in the certificate before 24 July 2032.

I will highly appreciate your compliance in this matter.

Thank you.


Jada Hale

Request Letter for Clearance Certificate (Template)

A clearance letter is essential for various reasons. It could help you apply for a loan, open an account, among other reasons. When requesting it, maintain a polite and professional tone. You don’t want to come off as rude or pushy. Thank the recipient for their time and explain why the clearance certificate is urgent

Finally, when writing a request letter for a clearance certificate, make sure you mention what exactly it is for. Although this may seem obvious to you, it is necessary to state it to avoid any errors.

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