An introduction to the principles of data collection and analysis in each digital channel
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An introduction to the principles of data collection and analysis in each digital channel

Each channel implementation has different requirements for enabling it within the tracking ecosystem. The most common implementations, along with their configuration requirements, are detailed in this briefing, including email, social, SEO, PPC, display ads and programmatic, mobile, ratings and reviews, and offsite interactions.

The content of this briefing is reproduced from Econsultancy’s Fundamentals of Marketing Measurement and Analytics Best Practice Guide. Consult this guide for further chapters on:

  • The measurement environment (including trust, privacy and data transformation)
  • Measurement strategy
  • Configuration and tools
  • Analysis, visualisation and narrative
  • Testing and optimisation
  • Advanced measurement (including forecasting and propensity modelling)

In order to give a full picture on the performance application of the tracking mechanisms for marketing campaigns across digital, approaches for capturing offline touchpoints and conversions need to also be as comprehensive as possible.

Realistically, it is impossible to achieve perfect marketing data quality for answering all the pressing business questions identified. There are always going to be factors that are impossible to control for, but everything that is controllable should be. Getting the foundations of measurement right is essential to the quality of the output.

Much of the advanced analysis that is possible from marketing datasets (attribution, forecasting, predictive analysis) is predictions based on algorithms or calculated rules. As such, these approaches give a ‘best guess’ as to an outcome. As the old adage says – ‘put rubbish in, get rubbish out’ – the more qualifiable input tools are fed, the more accurate the analysis will be later.

Also, ensuring that processes and tools are all correctly configured will allow for deeper dive investigations on datasets that will help answer a number of the business questions. These two elements combined allow visibility beyond simple campaign tracking and into full marketing measurement.

1. Email

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