Elon Musk’s X is offering an opportunity to publish news directly on the platform to news agencies and journalists.

Musk wants to collaborate with news agencies and has planned an ad revenue share program. Musk plans to make X, a platform for journalists and news agencies to post on directly. This collaboration will make X a news source and users can avail their daily news on the app.

Journalists are, however, not too pleased as there will be no way of establishing credibility or validity of news published. As X is a social media site, there are no strict practices followed such as verification and cross-sourcing, for reporting truth in developments that news agencies usually adhere to. 

Elon Musk has tweeted to journalists and news agencies, proposing the offer.


Also, Musk wants to avoid reducing traffic on the app from users clicking on external links. His recent development, to remedy this is to remove the headlines from news articles and link previews. This feature will shorten the size of the preview window and will help in curtailing clickbait titles, according to Musk.

X is providing one more feature to attract small businesses to advertise on the app by giving out a one-time ad credit of $250 to businesses that are spending $1,000 or more on new ad campaigns over the next 30 days, and will expire by the end of the year after the credit is issued. X CEO Linda Yaccarino announced this in a CNBC interview while claiming how big advertisers such as Coca-Cola and State Farm are still linked with the app.

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