When Amazon miniTV launched its global content segment ‘Imported,’ the platform took an interesting approach to create buzz. It started posting popular Bollywood scenes and MiniTV content in Korean on social media, puzzling the audience. Here’s how it panned out.

Amazon miniTV leveraged AI, Korean and Indian influencers to create suspense and generate engagement for its new global content segment ‘miniTV IMPORTED’.

Category Introduction

Amazon miniTV is Amazon’s free, ad-supported video streaming service available in India only that lets users stream free video content anywhere, anytime, using the Amazon Shopping app. 

Brand Introduction

Amazon miniTV is an online streaming platform hosted inside the Amazon shopping app that offers a wide range of content, including shows, movies, and short videos for free. The platform provides content to viewers across various titles and genres. Some of its famous shows include Crushed, Case Toh Banta Hai, and more.


Amazon miniTV launched a campaign to announce its newest segment, ‘miniTV IMPORTED’, on the Amazon app in India. The campaign strategy involved infusing a Korean touch into their social media presence, which effectively captivated the audience. The engagement was sustained through entertaining Korean-dubbed videos, AI-generated images, and various other techniques. Additionally, they established a strong connection with the target audience, fostering interactions through lighthearted responses, engaging reels, and dynamic social content.

The agency behind this campaign was White Rivers Media.


The objective of the campaign was to inform the audience about the newest global segment on miniTV whilst also boosting the number of viewers. 


miniTV IMPORTED by Amazon miniTV was set to launch its newest segment, which brings global shows, starting with some of the K-Dramas, to miniTV in Hindi for free. The platform needed to create a buzz around this fact making their audiences aware and drive them to the app. 

Creative idea

In order to build curiosity around the launch, the platform decided to go ahead with posts in Korean that gave out no context. 

One of the most talked about topics today is AI-Generated images. So, the brand decided to leverage this and get its audiences engaged. 

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With high demand and competition in the ever-growing OTT sector:

  • Creating a buzz for miniTV’s IMPORTED at a time when there are multiple OTT brands in competition. 
  • The brand wanted to leave its audience in suspense but without making it look like miniTV was hacked.  
  • The brand wanted to make the Korean takeover look like an introduction to miniTV’s new segment – for K-dramas that would be coming to the app along with shows from across the globe. 


With AI-generated images and tools, miniTV wanted to leave a mark but also give out no context, keeping their audience in complete suspense. Popular videos were shared in Korean, puzzling the followers.

This pre-buzz campaign consisted of videos dubbed in Korean along with images and video posts from the miniTV universe with captions in Korean aiming to trick the audience into thinking that there was a Korean takeover. 

Later, the IMPORTED Trailer gave a sneak peek into some of the Genres coming to miniTV like Action, Romance & Drama, as well as Internationally acclaimed Korean shows, including ‘Cheer Up’, ‘Doctor Detective’ & ‘Heart Surgeon’, amongst others that are exclusively dubbed in Hindi for miniTV’s viewer base. The idea was to show ‘Global Kahaani, Local Zubaani.’

To take this campaign a notch higher, the brand collaborated with social media influencers from India and Korea. The aim was to make the audience of every influencer aware of miniTV’s newest segment. The campaign uncovered a series of engaging reels featuring popular faces like Anushka Sen and Charlie, among others. 

Influencers added to the quirky banter and played a crucial role as miniTV custodians ensuring the ‘Global Se Local’ message was conveyed seamlessly. 


In the span of 6 days, this campaign garnered more than 3.5 millions views, reach, impressions and engagement. The trailer has garnered 287,367 views on YouTube as of August.


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