In the evolving landscape of work, GAI isn’t just making waves; it’s setting the tide. Sellers are welcoming this rise of AI with open arms – 69% of sales professionals worldwide, and an even higher 73% in India, are expecting a surge in AI use in the next six months. But here’s the twist:  As much as AI is technologically advanced, its true magic lies in making B2B selling feel more human than ever.

At LinkedIn, we believe blending AI’s prowess with the unique human touch is what’s going to set the gold standard in sales. That’s why we’re building new AI functionalities into our Sales  Navigator to make it the trusty compass for sellers navigating this new terrain.

“We incorporated LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LSN) into the DNA of Airtel Business’s Digital Sales  Group, which has assisted us in developing a data-driven approach, resulting in higher prospect engagement and deeper relationships with our clients. With the assistance of LSN,  the approach has moved from cold outreach to intent-based outreach with measurable  KPIs.” Kaustubh Chandra CMO & SVP – Digital Sales Group, Airtel Business

Today, Sales Navigator stands out in the sales intelligence domain primarily due to its power of search experience, providing sellers across 110M+ LinkedIn members in India with real-time search results. Building on our AI foundations, we are reimagining how sellers can use Sales  Navigator with a pilot of two GAI features – the AI-assisted search and Account IQ. With these new features, we’re making it faster and easier for sellers to discover crucial accounts and prospect details, so they can connect with the most relevant contacts, build stronger relationships, and gain a competitive advantage in this new era of selling. 

Finding quality leads with a simpler, stronger search experience

Harnessing the power of our 950M+ member community, Sales Navigator’s search feature takes a leap forward with AI-assisted search. Imagine just saying, “Find me marketing decision makers at LinkedIn in South India with whom I have a second-degree connection,” and having our intelligent system intuitively pick the perfect search filters. This not only accelerates results but also offers search suggestions, leading sellers effortlessly to valuable connections, such as past customers poised for another purchase.

Unlocking deeper account insights: Be the advisor every client needs

In the dynamic landscape of B2B sales, deeply understanding customer needs is paramount.  Guided by top sellers who invest more time in research than sales, we unveil Account IQ, a  game-changer in Sales Navigator. This feature harnesses the power of GAI to consolidate critical account information from varied sources into a concise overview. Now, sellers can access a rich tapestry of data with a simple click – from public filings to unique LinkedIn insights on workforce trends and leadership perspectives, helping to position them as informed and strategic advisors. 

Think of these features as the perfect blend of cutting-edge tech and good old human gut feeling. As we elevate LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we’re not just giving sellers and marketers the tech boost they crave. We’re giving them time – time to truly connect with and understand their buyers, tune into those subtle intent signals, and forge genuine relationships that don’t just stop at a nod but go all the way to a handshake on a closed deal.

These two new GAI features for Sales Navigator are available to a limited number of customers in North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America in this initial pilot, and we look forward to sharing more as we continue to evolve the Sales Navigator experience. 

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