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Seven things every Van Courier should Know
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Seven things every Van Courier should Know

The most common role in the courier service industry is that of a van delivery driver. Is there any information that a courier van service worker needs to know about their job? There is definitely, and these six things will determine how best they will deliver on the job. Let’s have a look at them.


As we all know, it is illegal to drive without insurance. If you are using your van to deliver goods, you will need a special type of insurance, often referred to as hire and reward van insurance or simply courier van insurance. This is not the same as business van insurance, which is associated with worked that use their van as part of their business, a plumber being a typical example. Hire and reward van insurance provides additional cover and is more expensive than business van insurance, simply because the risk to the insurance broker is higher. Higher because tour business relies on being on the road during business house and that increase the risk.

Experience and love for the Wheel Matters

As much as delivering a parcel from point A to B seems easy, not everyone can do it well. There is more than meets the eye to ensure the secure delivery of goods. Poor handling of goods could lead to damages and unplanned expenses. Handling the business well calls for some experience, and that means working with a team that has experience on the job and knows what it takes to deliver. For example, if working as a delivery van driver, how does getting behind the wheel make you feel? If you love driving over short and long distances, then a courier job suits you well. Being a good driver also requires concentration as a super skill.

Good Customer Service

A courier service job involves interacting with customers regularly. One of the prerequisite skills any courier worker will need is good customer service. As a delivery driver, for example, you will represent your company and can’t afford to sell them out as unprofessional. Some customers may turn out rude, cold, and disrespectful, but how you handle them is what matters. Always stay calm, collected and give them a listening ear. Promise to follow up on things to help solve the problem.

Enjoy Flexible Working Hours

Many people presume a courier van service to be like a traditional nine to five job, but for the record, the best van courier services operate round the clock doing deliveries even across the night. A courier van service worker shouldn’t be fixated on the nine to five working hours, but should embrace flexible working hours even through the night. Customers will choose again a courier service that is reliable and flexible.

Accurate Map Reading

How good are you with maps? Knowing how to read them to optimize on shortest and convenient routes will help your courier service company save on time and fuel costs. However, we live in the digital age of GPS, but that shouldn’t make you reluctant about a map use eventuality. You don’t know when your map reading skills will be helpful. You could also maximize route planner apps to help you find the best delivery routes.

Be ready for emergencies

It’s always a good practice to take precautions when on the roads. A courier van service involves lots of daily travel on the road. You want to have your mobile phone on and well-charged to avoid losing communication with your head office. Moreover, you will need a torch, a high visibility jacket, and a warning triangle if an emergency arises. If possible, you could have your van installed with video cameras and telematics to reduce your hire and reward van insurance costs.

Obsession with Detail

You don’t have to be that obsessed with details anyway, but being on top of things will enable you to enjoy your ride on the roads. As a courier delivery driver, you want to pay more attention to the condition of your vehicle. How is the tyre pressure, and what is the oil level? What’s the reading on the fuel gauge?