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PURSHO serveBILL is the best way to manage your clients,proposals, invoices and payments for service-oriented businesses.

A Professional Services Billing Software for Everyone | Small & Midsize Businesses | StartUps | Individuals | Freelancers

The world’s managed service billing solutions.

Advanced tools, designed for social media agencies, travel agencies, real-estate builders, constructions developers, IT Company, AMC Providers

This service billing solution is designed to keep your firm projects, invoicing trackable & managed at the front of change. Get the comprehensive solution to run the billing of your professional services – with the client, proposal management, payment tracking, overdue notices, and reporting that gives actionable insights.

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Comprehensive IT services include


    Know the instant a prospect opens an check invoices so you can follow up when you’re topof-mind.

  • MOBILE  (Responsive)


    Need to follow up with prospects and clients? Easily schedule activities like meetings, email, call, etc. and view upcoming activities on your dashboard. You can even schedules an alert for your self, so that software can notify you at that particular time and date.


    serveBILL allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the PURSHO serveBILL are automatically inserted into an invoice – just select the appropriate Contact. Products and services that are included in an invoice can be selected from existing items, or you can create new ones on the fly. When done, you can send the invoice directly from your software to the client’s email address, save the invoice as a PDF file, and even print it


    Create recurring invoices who will be regenerated automatically based on your setup for recurring invoice (every X months). You can set recurring starting from 1 month to 12 months.


    You can add customers with all the basic details with billing address, shipping address and their company details. Even GSTIN can be added which will be reflected on invoice.


    Depending on the plans you choose, staff user can be added in to solution with a specific permissions. Even username or passwords can be created.


    You can send invoice overdue notice manually or automatically after specific period of the due date. It looks professionally and act as a reminder to pay the invoices as soon as possible.


    Create estimate within a minute. Sent to your customers and wait to accept. Ability to auto convert the estimate to invoice after customer accept. Customer can accept estimate online.


    Create good looking proposals and impress your potential clients or customers. Include images, tables, youtube vides with the powerful editor. A proposal can be expired on a particular date and same will be informed automatically to a customer.


    Merging invoices is feature in PURSHO ServBill that allows you to merge/include already created invoices into 1 invoice by passing all the invoice info to new invoice. This feature is used if your customer have other unpaid invoices but you need to create another invoice for the customer and you want to prevent your customer to pay multiple invoices, in this case your customer will only need to pay 1 invoice.


    As you recieved the payment, you can mark the invoice as paid with all the details of payment mode and dates. A reciept will automatically send to email of the customer or you can even mark to ‘ do not send a copy of payment record to the customer. Additionally, the system will send another email (Invoice Payment Recorded (Sent to staff) to invoice sale agent and invoice creator, this email will be sent too when the customer pays the invoice online via an online payment gateway.


    It is print ready with all your company information, logo, gst details. So you can print and share with your customer. Or even email directly with just a click that too with a pre-ready email template.


    Record company expenses. Set up a recurring expense and the expense will automatically be created after the specified period. The period time could be days, weeks, months or years. Ability to set expenses billable to customers.


    With just few clicks you can share a customer statement with all its pending bills or balances if any confusion. You can even send directly as a pdf attachment from your billing solution.


    With ServBill you have option to set customer reminder. This option allows you to never forget anything about your customers. You can set it and get alerted on particular day or time for the same. So you won’t forget anything related to your customer.


    Your customer changed his mind and now he want to return the payment done. So you can now easily provide a credit note and send back to customer which can be used for any future services he opt for.


    You can manage your daily to do list, so that you won’t be forget or loose any task or business. Easily change todo status by the drag and drop feature.


    Have clear view of all your company events upcoming invoice payments, contacts expirations, estimates expiration, reminders.


    You can export the invoices, proposals in an excel format with all the filters as you wish. Even you can export invoices in to a single zip based on your criteria it will be added in to zip.


    As you can check who has viewed your Proposal or invoices and at what time. So that you can plan your next action accordingly.


    At the end of the month, you often require a list of sales and expenses done or lead closed or pending. So here you can get with all taxes.


    You can easily create invoices or book expenses with applicable GST like IGST, CGST-SGST. So that its easy for you share your GST wise details with your Chartered Accountant (CA).

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