If I were 20 years old instead of 40, which most of you are, and I had to begin thinking about what career to pick, here are 7 careers that I would pick, based on where the world is going to be booming in the next decade.

You can find about these careers and their related courses here:

Career 1:
Here are 3 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3HcteVd
Course 2: https://bit.ly/3z8ZB4J
Course 3: https://bit.ly/32xc4CG

Career 2:
Here are 3 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3Fsk4DE
Course 2: https://bit.ly/32zSeHf
Course 3: https://bit.ly/3H7wPnv

Career 3:
Here are 3 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3yUQ40M
Course 2: https://bit.ly/3en0X1W
Course 3: https://bit.ly/3pxwqoN

Career 4:
Here are 5 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3pnqX3y
Course 2: https://bit.ly/3eogaQt
Course 3: https://bit.ly/3J8oEt0
Course 4: https://bit.ly/3ssmkr3
Course 5: https://bit.ly/3FquuE1

Career 5:
Here are 3 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3mw6Der
Course 2: https://bit.ly/3yV2Qwa
Course 3: https://bit.ly/3Fxs7zm

Career 6:
Here are 3 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3ppfb92
Course 2: https://bit.ly/3qjkq9v
Course 3: https://bit.ly/3yVjbkG

Career 7:
Here are 3 courses I’d pick:
Course 1: https://bit.ly/3mx4kIi
Course 2: https://bit.ly/3HalLWM
Course 3: https://bit.ly/3EwmXlS

Here are some useful videos I made earlier, on finding your ikigai:
Finding Life’s Purpose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9xU-q6yjPU&t=157s
How to find your ikigai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN9A_8Sm5Xs&t=17s
How to find your passion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tndcxA7sT2E
How to know yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J96CGqU3a5E

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