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Presentation Design Tricks to Direct Audience Attention

Presentation Design Tricks to Direct Audience Attention | #powerpointdesigners

An important part of presenting is knowing how to direct and manage your audience’s attention. This isn’t just something...

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How To Attract More Web Design Clients

With the internet, the world is smaller than it has ever been. In many regards, the world wide web has had a hugely posi...

The 2 Layers of Meaning in Presentation Design

The 2 Layers of Meaning in Presentation Design | #powerpointdesigners

A great presentation is always a balance of what you hear (the message the speaker delivers) and what you see (the prese...

5 Tips for Better Slide Design

5 Tips for Better Slide Design | #powerpointdesigners

“Because I said so.” Did your parents ever offer that reasoning to you when you asked a question? It’s infuriating, rig...


3 Openers Presentation Design Agencies Admit Work Every Time | #powerpointdesigners

Starting your presentation on the right foot is arguably more important than any other element of your talk. As a presen...


Balancing Great Presentation Design With Great Presentation Delivery | #powerpointdesigners

Think about it this way. Your company hires a presentation design agency to create an incredible PowerPoint slide show. ...


The Presentation Design Abyss | #powerpointdesigners

Is it possible to focus too much on presentation design? Yes. Well, sort of. If you’ve followed our blog for very long...

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7 annual report design examples + how to design your own

After sifting through countless organizations’ annual reports, landing on Mailchimp’s 2020 report was a jarr...


Why Hiring a Presentation Design Agency Might Be Your Best Option | #powerpointdesigners

You’ve got a big presentation coming up. You’re trying to decide between making the slides yourself or hiring a pr...


Hire a Presentation Design Agency & Ignite the Creative Spark | #powerpointdesigners

The creative spark. It’s electric. Exciting. Contagious. It drives your passion and elevates the final product. When it ...