This case study explores how JSW Paints engaged with the fans and attempted to bring everyone together through an engagement campaign that involved an official Jersey reveal for Delhi Capitals along with contests, leveraging social media channels.

JSW Paints partnered with the Delhi Capitals team in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League 2020. Leveraging the moment, the brand released a contest campaign for fan engagement while revealing the jersey as a part of the association to celebrate the #JSWPaintsColorfulMoments.

The campaign was initiated across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and shared by its official pages for reach and visibility.

Category Introduction

JSW Group entered the paints business in India with JSW Paints. This is a part of the Group’s diversification into consumer-facing businesses and an entry of an Indian conglomerate into the organized paints sector. With the launch of its paints business, JSW Group aims to make a comprehensive offering for consumer homes through steel, cement, furniture, and now paints.

Brand Introduction

JSW Paints, a part of the $12 billion conglomerate – JSW Group, aims at being the future of color and paints for Indian homes.

The brand had collaborated with Delhi Capitals for their match against Royal Challengers Bangalore, on October 5, 2020, for IPL 13.


Cricket is religiously followed by the Indian people. They will do anything that brings them closer to their favorite teams and players. Since the brand had partnered with the Delhi Capitals team in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), JSW Paints aimed at leveraging this association to garner reach across digital platforms.

Hence, along with their digital marketing partner, WATConsult, from the house of Dentsu International, JSW Paints conceptualized an engagement campaign using the hashtags – #EmbraceEveryColour and #JSWPaintsColorfulMoments.

Problem Statement/Objective

The year 2020 was faced with many unprecedented challenges and obstacles due to COVID-19. Many major events, including IPL, were impacted by the same.

Amidst all the adversity, the brand had to find a solid connection between cricket and paints, and come up with an engagement campaign that would help them reach their goal.


To leverage the brand’s association with Delhi Capitals and bring forward a different campaign that will help JSW Paints break the online clutter and gather positive sentiments, along with significant reach amongst the audience through digital media.

Creative Idea

To achieve the campaign objective, the brand exclusively designed a jersey for the team to wear during their match against Royal Challengers Bangalore on 5th October 2020. In addition to it, JSW Paints also came up with a ‘Cheer’ contest for the team’s fans pan-India to participate.


IPL season is one of the most engaging seasons for many brands, as they actively run campaigns to garner more reach. For JSW Paints, this was the biggest challenge as the brand had to break this clutter and pave its way to stand out across all digital platforms.

The brand’s objective was to spread awareness, engage and make it relatable to everyone ranging between the ages of 18-55.

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JSW Paints opened the IPL 13 campaign on 4th October 2020 with a contest teaser post.

This garnered engagement from the fans while generating curiosity and conversations as it seemed that they couldn’t wait for the contest to commence. The brand then changed its Twitter bio in collaboration with Delhi Capitals’ Twitter bio on 5th October.

The brand wanted to launch the official jersey for the team to garner further brand visibility. A while later, JSW Paints replied to a tweet posted by Delhi Capitals to tease the jersey, for further reach on the brand’s social media pages.

JSW Paints engagement campaign IPL 2020

Ultimately, the cricketers revealed the jersey on their stories. This redirected a lot of new followers to the brand’s page. 

The final story that revealed the jersey was then featured by the brand on their Instagram stories. Once the jersey was revealed on the stories, it was then shared across the brand’s social media pages. The Jersey grid posted on Instagram helped the brand in more reach, while aiming to fulfill the objective of breaking the clutter on social media.

JSW Paints engagement campaign IPL 2020 - 2

JSW Paints finally announced the contest an hour before the match. As part of the contest, the participants had to come up with innovative cheers for the team.

With an exuberant audience, the cheers came rushing in on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As a part of the JSW Paints engagement campaign, the brand perpetually matches highlights all throughout the Match with the intent of adding more colorful colors. The fans followed suit, to do the same. The match ended on a high note with Delhi Capitals taking the trophy.

Winners were selected the next day when they received Delhi Capitals’ official jersey.



  • The overall campaign (jersey reveal + contest) garnered 3X more followers on the JSW Paints’ Instagram page and 2X more on their Twitter page.
  • It had a reach of over 205k and crossed 320k impressions, all in a day’s time. People started engaging not only with the IPL content but with the brand’s content too.


Not only did JSW Paints manage to get followers but they also got people together as a community to cheer for their favourite team along with the brand.


Sundaresan Arumbakkam, Joint MD & CEO, JSW Paints, said, “At JSW Paints, we have combined excellence in Manufacturing & Marketing, driven by customer insights, to bring about thoughtful innovations that offer tremendous value and are trendsetting into the future of paints and painting.”

Heeru Dingra, CEO, WATConsult, said, “IPL is an attractive proposition for most brands because the energy and vibrancy associated with the game enhances the campaign experience to a significant level. For JSW Paints, we wanted to tap on these attributes and seamlessly weave them into the campaign with the objective of breaking the existing digital clutter. Delhi Capital’s popularity was a huge advantage for us, so the ‘Cheers’ engagement activity as well as the jersey reveal stirred up a lot of excitement and curiosity for the brand. Additionally, asking netizens to come together and cheer for their favorite IPL team resonates with the brand’s idea of encouraging families to bond over painting their homes all by themselves.”


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