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How Microsoft Is Killing Facebook (Meta) ? | Microsoft Secret Strategy | Business Case Study
Case Study

How Microsoft Is Killing Facebook (Meta) ? | Microsoft Secret Strategy | Business Case Study

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Video Introduction:
Microsoft is one of the most valued company in this world. Microsoft and apple were started in the mid 1970’s with an ambition to dominate the hardware and software space. Microsoft initially brought in MS-Dos through which it dominated the worldwide software market till mid 1980’s. In 1985 when apple was busy with firing Steve Jobs Microsoft got an opportunity to exploit the market and dominate it. Finally in 2022 Microsoft has big plans to kill Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse even before it is launched. Microsoft is betting big on the gaming industry which everyone can clearly notice from their 68.7 billion dollar Activitsion acquisition. Microsoft is currently building their work ecosystem through their already existing Ms-Azure and Ms-office customer base which will eventually pull people to the metaverse and allow them to use microsoft services in the metaverse even if people are entering the metaverse using facebook’s quest VR headsets.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Microsoft Metaverse Business Case Study
00:40 – History of Microsoft Business
01:00 – How Microsoft Was Killing Competition
01:55 – Microsoft Business Strategies
02:47 – How Microsoft was eating Apple computers market share
03:16 – Microsoft Metaverse strategy
03:33 – Microsoft gaming company acquisition
05:52 – Microsoft Metaverse Business Strategy
06:12 – How To Invest in U.S Stocks
07:20 – Business Lessons From Microsoft Metaverse Business Case Study
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