Every day, we see Zapier customers work in ways we never imagined—taking their business from zero to $1M annually, connecting apps to solve real-world problems, freeing up headspace to unleash their creativity and imagine the next amazing thing they can do. 

For our customers, Zapier is a platform full of possibilities. And for Zapier, our customers are our brand.

That’s why, as we undertook the first rebrand in Zapier’s ten-year history, we wanted to capture the magic and motion that our customers share with us. Today, we’re sharing our new brand system that’s built around them—showcasing their passion, ideas, and possibilities. Our rebrand and new logo are directly inspired by our customers. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some key elements of our rebrand. 

Tweets from Zapier customers

New logo

Design-wise, a platform is pretty utilitarian. It’s not flashy or overly exciting. 

It’s the infinite possibilities for what can go onto the platform that are inspiring. Zapier’s customers have been inspiring us for the past decade, building and achieving things beyond our wildest imaginations, whether that’s scaling their marketing efforts, pivoting their business on a dime, or freeing the wrongly convicted. That’s the idea behind our new logo.

Zapier's new logo: an orange underscore, followed by the word Zapier

The platform is the foundation of the design system. It extends across all of our design expressions to tell the story of possibilities that Zapier sets in motion. Its primary role is to tell the stories of our users’ ingenuity. 

A GIF of customers on Zapier's new logo

New palette

We’re an orange brand. Our color palette is built to support the storytelling of the orange platform. 

We’ve updated our orange to “international orange”—the very same orange that astronauts wear when they go to space. International orange connects to the possibilities of Zapier’s platform. 

Zapier's new color palette

New font

Our new brand typeface is Degular. Its human-forward joyfulness balances with legibility and maturity. Its personality flexes in different weights in a way that scales between zany and functional. It feels like Zapier.

This work has been 10 years and millions of users in the making. To our customers around the world who make Zapier part of their work—thank you. Your stories of innovation, resilience, and ingenuity are what inspire us day in and day out, and we’re excited to celebrate you for years to come. 

And for those of you asking—it’s still pronounced Zapier, not Zapier.

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