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CompanyCam: App spotlight | Zapier

As most contractors will tell you, pushing projects to the finish line requires an extraordinary amount of planning. Whether it’s a one-off plumbing issue that needs to be fixed or a heavy-duty roofing installation for a commercial building, a lot goes into each project. After all, there are bids to consider, pricing materials to go over, job sites to secure, and crews to appoint. 

In short, documenting each stage, sharing instructions with your team, and ensuring everything goes smoothly can be tricky, particularly if you’re limited to using your phone on site. 

This is exactly the kind of solution that CompanyCam aims to provide to contractors everywhere. The app includes a complete photo management solution, which allows contractors to take unlimited photos, share them with team members, make notes, and keep everyone on track with their day-to-day tasks. 

CompanyCam origins: Knowing your target audience

Luke Hansen is a CEO who understands his target audience. In fact, there’s little to nothing he doesn’t know about running a roofing company, having worked at White Castle, his family’s business in Nebraska, for more than 15 years. 

The idea for a photo management tool (specific to contractors) was born after Hansen experienced the difficulties of documenting photographs throughout each roofing project’s stages, from bid to installation and finally, quality control. Inspired, Hansen built the first CompanyCam prototype in 2015. The rest was history.  

Did you know? Hansen originally built CompanyCam for White Castle only, but after employees raved about its success, Hansen saw an opportunity to release it to contractors everywhere. 

CompanyCam today: Documenting jobs through pictures

Today, CompanyCam is used by over 100,000 contractors—in roofing, landscaping, plumbing, and many more industries—to easily document and manage projects throughout every stage.  

Inside the app, you can snap and store photos, sync with your team in the context of a project, and share the results (plus pics!) with customers and insurance companies. 

Project feeds give you an overview of all the projects happening in real-time at your company, and photos are tagged by date and location. Plus, you and your team can easily collaborate by marking project photos with drawings, arrows, comments, instructions, and even voice notes. 

Fave feature: Generate flawless before and after photos with the app’s Before and After camera to market your work (and show off the stellar results!) on your site.

Automate your images and design: Popular CompanyCam workflows

Unlock even more value out of your contracting work by connecting CompanyCam with Zapier. Doing so allows you to easily connect CompanyCam to thousands of other apps and automate tasks, giving you more time to focus on what’s important. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started: 

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