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SeoSamba MOS Software Review

Managing a brand’s online presence today is becoming increasingly complicated, with many factors at play. Previously, factors like blogging and search engine optimization (SEO) were the only components an organization had to keep up with for managing its virtual presence.

However, in today’s age of omnichannel marketing, most firms are having a tough time dealing with reputation management, customer relationship management, social media postings, review management, and client communication.

Though numerous applications have been designed to help organizations in different marketing sectors, collating their insights and managing several platforms becomes a tough job. This is especially true for large and distributed organizations that administer multiple facets of marketing involving several websites and digital assets.

Thus, most organizations today have to dabble with multiple tools to get the desired results from their marketing efforts or settle for platforms that can somehow manage to integrate data from different tools. However, in both cases, the effort and the costs involved are massive, preventing businesses using them from scaling. 

Thankfully, today there are a few applications that address the challenges mentioned above and help them streamline digital publishing, promotions, communication, SEO, PPC, lead tracking, email marketing, and a whole lot more.

This review will focus on SeoSamba MOS – a modern and powerful digital solution that consolidates digital marketing activities and helps you optimize and automate your branding/promotional efforts.

Through this review, we will cover the following points:

  • What is SeoSamba MOS?
  • Key Features of SeoSamba MOS
  • Our Final Verdict

So let’s begin, shall we?

What is SeoSamba MOS?

SeoSamba MOS (Marketing OS) is an all-in-one marketing automation, reputation management, and SEO platform that allows you to optimize, scale, consolidate and automate your digital marketing activities. In addition, this cloud-based platform offers numerous helpful tools to manage the online presence of one or multiple business entities from a single interface.

SeoSamba MOS covers all aspects involved in your business’s online presence, including website analytics, content curation and posting (on multiple channels), CRM, SEO, lead tracking, PPC, client communication (via SMS, email, calls, websites), social media, social calendar, review management, and much more. In addition, it offers an array of powerful tools that can be used individually or together to save time and reduce manual effort greatly.

SeoSamba MOS

SeoSamba makes it super easy for large and distributed businesses to execute tasks remotely and track performance via advanced real-time reports. It offers multi-tenancy and multi-location capabilities and helps enterprises manage numerous assets, websites, and accounts for multiple entities simultaneously. Additionally, it provides a web conferencing tool for your team’s internal communications. 

SeoSamba MOS comes with lead tracking, global call tracking, and dynamic number insertion features for campaigns. It also centralizes blogging and on-site SEO for SeoToaster and WordPress-powered websites. Besides offering VoIP services, click-to-call and messaging functions, the platform also helps you understand and analyze the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your organic and paid campaigns.

SeoSamba MOS features a centralized library for all your media and documents, where access and user rules can be set up. Besides allowing you to upload media and add notes to your corporate calendar, you can also inject codes from various platforms. Additionally, its award-winning mobile application enables you to post directly on multiple media platforms and track leads and responses from phone, web, and texts. 

Impressed already?

We haven’t discussed the best features yet!

Key Features of SeoSamba MOS

1. Ease of Publishing

SeoSamba MOS allows you to manage all your online postings, including blogs, social media, and press releases, and direct them to the right channels effortlessly. Using its Template Builder, you can create templates for different occasions.

Creating posts is super-easy with the MOS application, and its pre-built and custom templates save your team a great deal of time. Especially that the blog editor also doubles up as email newsletter editor; once you learn one tool, you master two applications!

Ease of Publishing

Once a post is ready to be published, SeoSamba MOS allows you to choose which channels you want to post it to and when. You can also select the social channels to publish/share your posts and decide which countries you want to target.

SeoSamba MOS provides advanced reports to help you gauge how audiences have received your posts and how engaging they have been. You can also create newsletters by adding your previous posts and sharing them with your followers via email. 

2. Asset Library

SeoSamba MOS has a dedicated assets library where all your company collaterals, documents, images, videos, and files can be stored securely. Once you log in to the marketing OS dashboard, you can choose the type of file you want to upload and which employees or franchisees can access them.

Asset Library

Location managers and franchisees can instantly share blogs, email templates, campaign ideas, PDFs, folders, etc., and notify their colleagues about them through the platform. Additionally, the asset library comes very handy while designing blog posts, social posts and emails, as visuals can be inserted directly from the library.

3. Email Marketing

SeoSamba MOS allows you to send aesthetic emails to your contacts and create stunning campaigns with its drag-and-drop editor. You can also check how users have responded to your campaigns by checking the open rate, click rate, unsubscribes, etc., to get real-time updates. Additionally, you can also choose to mail specifically those clients who haven’t opened your previous email. 

SeoSamba MOS allows you to create and manage campaigns with ease and choose who they are shared with. Further, it lets you import contacts and edit and delete them through its Contact Management tab.

You can also add these contacts automatically to your Google and Facebook Ads audiences list in order to show remarketing advert and messages !  You can also select existing blog posts that you want to add to your newsletter and choose from multiple templates. Additionally, you can schedule campaigns through the campaign dashboard and even duplicate them.

4. Client Analytics

SeoSamba MOS offers in-depth insights on how leads are being generated for your organization via multiple channels (including online sales, calls, and website forms). You can choose to analyze the statistics for different periods and get information about your organic and paid campaigns, including clicks, average CTR, impressions, and average position.

Client Analytics

Under the Paid tab, you can find details of the costs incurred and the conversion rate for your sponsored campaigns. You can also find the position of your website’s keywords in Google’s rankings through its Search Ranking Timeline.

SeoSamba lets you track your website’s performance by providing data about your unique visitors, average visit duration, page views, and bounce rate.

Additionally, you can monitor multiple factors that contribute to your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), like top keywords, daily statistics, and trend analysis. You can also analyze how popular your posts are on different social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

5. Lead and Call Tracking

SeoSamba MOS offers worldwide call tracking, which helps you decipher the best campaigns, ads, and websites that generate the highest revenues for your organization. It also allows you to set up a virtual office anywhere and buy phone numbers from around the globe. In addition, the application enables you to choose local, mobile or toll-free numbers or pick numbers associated with a specific zip code for improved reach. 

Lead and Call Tracking

Once a number is purchased, you can personalize voicemails, on-hold tunes, greetings, etc. Additionally, all the calls made would be recorded, and call records can be accessed directly from the lead tracking dashboard.

SeoSamba offers dynamic number insertion, which enables you to track leads generated from different sources. Further, you can track the keywords, ads, and campaigns that lead to conversions through the Lead Tracking tab. It also provides an AI-powered Anti-spam bot to protect you from spam and malicious emails.

6. Reputation Management

Since your online reputation governs your sales figures to a great extent, SeoSamba ensures that individuals researching your product/service get a  good impression of your business. SeoSamba’s Reputation Management module allows you to manage reviews on Google, Facebook and 100 + business reviews and industry-specific websites like Yelp, BBB and this for multiple locations.

Reputation Management

SeoSamba’s Marketing OS dashboard helps you respond instantly to reviews, flag them as a reminder for your team members to respond to, and share the best reviews on multiple platforms. Additionally, you can choose to share them as per your desired schedule and request clients to leave reviews by embedding widgets into your email or via texting, simply, and in a click from the mobile app.

SeoSamba helps you create and widgets on your website and pages and only display 4 start and 5-star reviews. You can also shortlist the reviews to be displayed and organize how they are presented on your web pages.

7. Social Calendar

With SeoSamba’s Social Calendar, you can always stay in touch with your audience by scheduling content across multiple social platforms. This module allows you to automate all your social media marketing activities and boost your brand value through one-time and recurring posts. Additionally, you can share both blog posts and reviews in one-click and turn them into recurring social posts for a 360 marketing effect. 

Social Calendar

The Social Calendar allows you to use several templates and share it with your respective teams. What’s more, you can also get a variety of reports to understand how your social presence is improving. SeoSamba MOS also allows you to modify and reschedule posts from your calendar, as well as create review and approval processes. The social calendar is also available from the social mobile app. And all post scheduled via mobile apps also show up in the calendar.

8. Social Media App

SeoSamba offers a dedicated mobile application that allows you to manage your social media profiles. Once you connect and verify your profiles (company and personal), you are ready to post on multiple channels simultaneously and let followers know about announcements, events, offers, etc. 

Social Media App

The social media application allows you to access photos from your library and organize how they should be presented by modifying their font size, background, styles, etc. In addition, the application gives you a quick overview of all your social accounts and Google My Business page. Cherry on the cake, if you are the main account holder, you can also approve posts scheduled from the app or via the web interface by other users directly from the app itself.

9. MensaHero Messaging Service

By availing MensaHero chat on your website, you can easily carry out conversations with your website’s visitors. Additionally, you can customize your website’s widgets through unique labels, modify colors, behavior, and auto-reply to messages. Furthermore, MensaHero connects with SeoSamba’s CRM app, which allows you to send SMS messages directly from the CRM.

MensaHero Messaging Service

Clients/visitors who send a request from the SMS widget on your website will be automatically added to the CRM’s database, making communication easier, faster and more direct.

Our Final Verdict

SeoSamba MOS offers a ton of features that make omnichannel marketing a breeze. This all-in-one platform has many tools that help you manage your business’s online presence, promotion, and reputation. Moreover, managing multiple tools from a single interface and drawing insights from them enables you to optimize your marketing efforts and analyze them in real time.

SeoSamba can have a steep learning curve since multiple tools/modules need to be mastered. However, once you get the hang of it, executing promotional tasks, communicating with users, and scaling your brand through the platform becomes very easy.

Considering the above factors and the flexibility and user-friendliness of the platform, we are inclined to give SeoSamba MOS a ‘Perfect Score’ in our review, hoping that it will help many organizations in the coming times. Check out the SeoSamba Marketing Automation software lineup and open a free account from their website.

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