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One of the most common questions I get asked is “what skills do I need to become a business analyst?” Back in 2019, I started my career as the youngest business analyst at Spotify (since I started right out of college). As glitzy as that sounds, this was also the period in my life when I experienced the most crippling case of imposter syndrome; Self-doubt became my reality and quite frankly, I felt ‘less than’ my peers at work. This video compiles the three key skills I wish I had known when I first started out on my Business Analyst journey. Whether you’re a new grad looking to start a career as a BA or someone who’s looking to transition into a BA role, I know that the first time trying something new can seem scary, but the one guarantee in life is that nothing stays β€œfirst” forever. To those of you thinking of embarking on your BA journey, I’m cheering for you! More [career chat] vids to come, lmk what topics you want me to ~deep dive~ into. -Lillian

πŸ“– resources mentioned
DataCamp Intro to SQL:
DoorDash Case Study (I know in this video it’s for a data analyst role, but the same case was also sent to BA candidates πŸ˜‰ ):
Top-Down Communications:
[MOCK INTERVIEWS – my favorites!]
Facebook PM interview (setting metrics/watch time decline)
Google PM interview (improving Headspace)
Case Study Framework:
McKinsey mock interview:

00:00 – my beginnings
00:35 – Presentation
02:07 – Skill #1: technical skills
02:47 – how to learn SQL
03:33 – data wrangling
04:24 – how to learn data wrangling
05:16 – Skill #2: problem solving skills
05:34 – CASE STUDY!
06:33 – top-down communications
06:58 – how to learn problem solving skills
07:12 – relevant jobs and internships
07:53 – Skill #3: strategic thinking & business sense
08:23 – the ‘So What’ exercise
10:18 – business recommendations
11:11 – how to learn strategic thinking & business sense

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I’m Lillian and I am a 25 y/o Taiwanese working as a business analyst. I moved to the U.S. 6 years ago for college and in my videos you will find me sharing my [early career] stories in tech, navigating through life in my 20s, and building my home away from home.

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