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Why is Europe facing a BANKING CRISIS like 2008? : Credit Suisse Crisis Business case study

Why is Europe facing a BANKING CRISIS like 2008 Credit Suisse Crisis Business case study

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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Credit Suisse is one of the biggest banks in the world, it is so huge that it generated a revenue of 22 Billion dollars, operates in over 50 countries and its assets under management alone amount to 1.1 Trillion dollars!! But in the past 1 year something crazy has happened, they lost more than 14 billion dollars in 2 terrible investments, have reported 5 quarters of loss in the past 7 quarters, and have laid off 5000 employees. This combined with the pandemic, the Russia Ukraine war, and UK’s economic turmoil all of them have put this giant bank into a big big risk!!
This situation is so critical that experts fear that it could lead to another nightmare like the 2008 recession!! As a result, just like the Lehman brothers in 2008, its stock price fell by 60% in 2022 itself!! So if this theory comes true and Credit Suisse goes bankrupt, just like in 2008, it’s going to cause one of the worst recessions of the 21st century!!
The question is,
What exactly is wrong with Credit Suisse?
Why are the investors comparing this and the 2008 Lehman brother crisis?
and most importantly, what are the study materials to help understand the impact of this economic mess better?

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