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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Adani ports and SEZ is one of the most incredible companies of the 21st century India. and they become such a powerful player in the market that today Adani ports and SEZ alone accounts for 24% of the entire country’s port capacity, has a 95% market share in the private port market and most importantly, in the past 8 years, their profits have shot up from 1700 crores in 2014 to a mind boggling 5300 crores in 2022.
and in one line, Adani ports and SEZ have become so so powerful that their biggest competitors are Indian govt’s ports themselves!!!!

So the question is,  
What is so special about Adani ports and SEZ?
What was their business strategy that turned them into the most powerful port operator in the country??? 
And most importantly what are the study materials to help you understand the incredible rise of adani ports better?”

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